10 Facts About Me


Hi. How your weekend guys?  Great or bored or you guys just reading same book over and over just like me? . It’s okay. So I don’t know what to update about,  but I still want to update my blog by hook or by crook tak kiralah pasal apa sekali pun. Huhu.

So this is my 10 facts,  about me : 

  1. I have oily skin.
  2. Love novel and novel and novel like so much.
  3. I couldn’t sing.
  4. Love my long hair like so much  ^_^
  5. I can’t drive and don’t want to be a driver.
  6. Love mascara than blusher hehe
  7. I’m almost to 22 years old but never ever wear contact lens.
  8. Long-face girl.
  9. Hate presentation but love gossip-girl.
  10. I’m always look older than my actual age. Damn.


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