100 Blog Post Ideas To Keep Your Blog Superb

I know how hard it will be when it comes to blogging slump. I want you to know thats you are not alone, I’ve been experiencing it before, too. As long as you’re a blogger, whether a new ones or already a blogger for couple of years, you will experience it sooner or later. It’s not weird after all. You can let yourself relax or google about blog post ideas to make sure your blog keep alive.

That’s why today I’ll give you a help by make a list of blog posts that you can use to update on your blog. Maybe some of what I list below already on your blog or maybe some not. After few years of blogging, I still refer to this list from time to time because writer’s block is legit!

So here you go! Enjoy and keep writing!

  1. 10 things you probably don’t know about me
  2. A letter to my 15 years old self
  3. Childhood memories
  4. Things that make me happy
  5. Things that make me despair
  6. Important lessons I learned lately
  7. My favorite movies
  8. Things I always obsessed with
  9. My typical day in my life and how comfortable it is
  10. What I have learned from my parents or friends
  11. My embarrassing moment
  12. A wishlist post (year / month)
  13. What’s I’ve archived during my school days
  14. My experience when I started college
  15. How I manage my anxiety attack on me
  16. Toxic friends? How to save myself from them.
  17. Motivation post. Maybe you will need to re-read your own motivation post someday to ambush your insecure.
  18. Any film reviews will be fine.
  19. How I’m trying to overcome after my failures
  20. If I can choose any who I want to have dinner, who I will choose and why?
  1. Why I’m into / not into vitamins / supplements?
  2. My favorite kitchen tools’s brand
  3. Review a local restaurant
  4. How to make a simple and healthy recipe for a family
  5. My favorite dessert recipe
  6. Review of favourite cookbooks
  7. What the best budget-friendly tips for eating out?
  8. How I came to love a food that I used to hate
  9. Food trend that I loving / hating right now
  10. Review an instant food
  11. Recommendation of my other food bloggers that’s I admire
  12. Any catering company that under my recommend / not recommend for a wedding
  13. Fast food meals that’s can make at home
  14. Write a suggestions to hosting a party / event – a dinner party, kid’s birthday party.
  15. Kitchen ingredients for skincare, such as face mist.
  16. How to arrange kitchen utensils to looks clean and better
  17. Shared about food related-apps or any social network.
  18. How I got inspired to start a food blog
  19. Interview a fellow blogger, baker
  20. Tips for prepping and caring for your grill
Blog Post Ideas
  1. My favorite bookstagrammers 
  2. Best books I have read this year
  3. Most lovely books from my favorite author
  4. Interview my favorite authors
  5. How to start to be a book blogger
  6. Book reviews
  7. Give a bookish advice
  8. To-be-Read Lists
  9. Comparison between books and films / movies adaptation
  10. Characters that I hate / love and why
  11. Book photography process
  12. My all the time favorite book hastags I used on social media
  13. Bookish gifts I’d like to receive / give
  14. How to write a good book review
  15. Host a segment / giveaway any related to the book
  16. How to use Canva to create blog graphics or Bookstagram images
  17. My favourite book blogs to read
  18. Share my favorite quotes
  19. Playlist for a book
  20. Book recommendations for readers
  1. My daily skincare routine
  2. What makes skincare steps really important?
  3. New products to try this month / year
  4. My favorite skincare brand
  5. How to figure out your skin types
  6. How to get a great skin
  7. My favorite local skincare brand
  8. How to stay hydrated before and after flight
  9. Homemade beauty treatments
  10. Write a comparison between of popular beauty products
  11. Beauty Question & Answer Post
  12. What’s on my Beauty Wishlist for 2019
  13. What’s in my makeup bag
  14. Everyday makeup routine
  15. List of cruelty-free makeup brands
  16. 5 drugstore make up brands that worth to give it a trying.
  17. How to take a properly care of your nails
  18. Before and after makeup photos. Explain about products you use
  19. Spas or saloons write up. Worth it or not.
  20. My inspired beauty bloggers list
  1. My Japan trip
  2. My anime DVD/BD collection
  3. Anime vs manga, which one you prefer and why
  4. Photos of your complete mangas collection. Tell more about them
  5. Since when and how I started watching anime, who influenced me
  6. My best-loved anime opening / ending list
  7. My first time at Akihabara
  8. Episode write-up
  9. Favorite anti-hero character, e.g Sasuke
  10. How anime inspired you to be a better person
  11. Anime song lyrics
  12. My best-forever anime’s directors
  13. Anime’s characters crush
  14. Recommendations site anime-related. Not only for download, maybe for lyrics, reviews, news, and so on
  15. How I came to love a character that I used to hate
  16. I should write something I obsessed about (anime / manga)
  17. Photos of my anime-filled room
  18. Anime goodies
  19. What anime I wish will have a new season
  20. Anime gif

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