Me, Mia & Dusk

Peace be upon you, people. Sometimes, you need a break in your life. Being a blogger and babysitter at the same time makes me love my life ever.  My umi and abah and Nazihah and her husband leaving me behind with Damia (my lifesaver because when I look at her, I feel serene) gosh. I […]

Me & Saturday

Hi.  Morning and alhamdullillah by the way,  I ain’t gonna be a monster yet but I think it’s must be missing-my-blog-and-trying-to-update symptoms although I will update with annoying blog entry so sorry. It is already December 3 and we’ll say goodbye to December then say hi to new year, 2017. Time flies way too fast. […]

Plain Jane & Baby Bro

I’m just read a novel before which is I buy it through online, for the first time. Actually I’m already read this novel for several times and I love it. Plain Jane by Nurul Syahida totally awesome as always like any Nurul Syahida’s novels. And I know I should make a review of this novel […]

Erni’s 10 Lines Spillage

Hi. Have  a great  weekdays guys (but sometimes weekdays  are  not great  as  we thought because  it’s  weekdays  and  not as good  as  weekend?  I rest  my  case.) So,  I wrote this  entry  as nothing for  you  guys but  sometimes I need  to  spill  when I have to and  when  I feel  lonely  at  midnight […]

My Current Songs At The Moment

Hello people.  I loves music as much as I do and I’m pretty sure you guys love it too, well nobody don’t like music right? I’m a girl who obsessed with discovering new songs on SoundClound, and this is my current songs that I’ve been listening non stop: So , if you guys have SoundCloud acccount, […]