Aku Kan Novelis! Review

aku kan novelis

Today I’ll be happy to write a review of Aku Kan Novelis, a third book from Nurul Syahida c:. To describe how I feel about this book and as a appreciate post to Kak Syai who write this funny book and made me feel like ‘It’s totally worth it’ when I purchased this book on the rainy day that day.

Aku Kan Novelis! By Nurul Syahida

Author : Nurul Syahida
Publisher : Buku Prima Sdn Bhd
Price : RM17.90
ISBN : 9789675489068

Quotes of Aku Kan Novelis!

“Dia kata awak ni kreatif dan selalu cakap sesuatu yang tidak terfikir di akal orang lain. Macam teori awak tentang otak dan… “
“Otak dan cirit-birit, ya saya tahu,” balasku.
Teori otak dan cirit-biritku berbunyi, ‘Sesungguhnya akal manusia ini amat berkuasa kerana belum pun najis itu keluar dari badan, ia sudah boleh mengagak sama ada najisnya keras ataupun berbentuk cirit birit.”
Ketika kali pertama aku keluarkan idea itu, Masni hampir tersembur mi segera yang sedang dinikmatinya. – page 128

“Stalking bukan benda yang elok, Roul.”
“Lulu keluar dengan lelaki yang baru Lulu kenal selama sejam. Gua cuma ikut untuk pastikan Lulu selamat dan mangkuk tadi bukan perogol bersiri,” jelas Roul.
Aku hentikan langkahku.
“Seriously? Keluar dengan kau lagi nampak macam keluar dengan perogol bersiri.” – page 343

My Honest Review

Firstly, let’s me remind you that my opinions of the book might be different from yours and others. So bear with me. I bought this book around 2010 (it’s six years ago) using the money I got from helping my Umi sell her kuih-muih to my schoolmates. Looking and reading Aku Kan Novelis countless times never make me feel bored or burned out because of the sentimental value and how funny the book is.

On the other hand, I feel quite tough to typing this review because I think no one else will read a review of the stuff you bought long time ago. But Bayan said in this post, saying it doesn’t matter at all whether you write a review of the new book or the old ones because your review might be able to change the book popularity. As long as I write something about I loves, it really doesn’t matter except if I write something dreadful and nasty.

Reading Aku Kan Novelis made me thinking about how people hide their own despair secret with laughter. How they can do it because I don’t think I can do like they are. No matter how fast and far we tried to run from reality, we’re still need to face it no matter how much hurting it is. In fact, everyone will die and will leave the people around them. We know that very well. No matter how hurtful it is, no matter how much we tried to deny it, we still will face it, sooner or later. But more important, people around us. Will they accept it? Can they be able to continue to live without us? Things will turn different after we gone, for sure.

If any of you see someone around you who always be humble and laughing and smiling around, will you think how hard she/he trying to hide anything or something saddest thing ever happened to her/him, thats giving a deep effect and trauma in her life? This book made me thinking about that a lot. Most of my time. I always thought that if I can help people overcome their sadness, I’ll do it, though as a stranger.

The greatness of the book is through its own style of writing and different from the others. As a matter of fact, Safi as the main POV of the book really made it more better besides I know how the way Safiyyah thinking and as well as the way she observed anything happens around her (she is a writer, of course she observing what’s going on around her to put down on her books) like, hey we really need to know what a writer like Safi thought about.

However, let’s me be honest. No matter how funny Safi is, no matter how sarcastic she is, there’s still a little despise feeling towards her because she keeps saying to her best friends, Iza & Helmi which happened to be in a relationship (thanks to her actually) how great she is as a ‘problem solver when it comes to love’ with her full-time job as a novelist who mostly write about love story. Did I mention that she said Iza & Helmi should mention her name when both of them get married soon as appreciation for her because she’s the one who made both of them met and fall in love? Urghh please Safi.

But what you give you got it back, huh? Because of the annoying side of Safi and the way she loves to sticking around with them, the lovely couple decided to give a new problem to Safi. Problems that come in the form of a weirdo named Roul. Of course I’ll call him weirdo, I bet that’s what everyone else will call him. But Safi called him ‘Makhluk Middle Earth’. Wanna know why? Just read it.

Nurul Syahida wrote this story thoroughly, relaxed and simple. Simple as I mean Safi, Roul, Iza and Helmi are middle class people like me, like us. We use public transport. We’re lepaking at mamak restaurant and drinks iced tea. We’re not talking about hundred million projects like how other writers always wrote about. When you write about a story about a normal life of middle class people, that means you’re a good writer, because nowadays, people obsessed with reading of the book there’s always rich people. I really need a break from the kind of those books.