Year Two

Guess who turned two todayyyy (said to the blog when 1st January). Another year of this blog Erni Hasmiza, of many more to come, In shaa Allah. This post should be published on January 1st of 2018 but I forgot to update and keep it in the draf.

I created this blog on January 1st , the same day with my Abah birthday, as a birthday present for myself although January 1st not even my birthday. And when I turned twenty-three which also means, I’ll turn twenty-four this June. When I was teen, I’ve always thought that twenty-four is just such an old age to be. #stillnodrivinglicensethough #willbeolder #willchangemybloglooksoonerorlater
Anyway , thank you for dropping by here and reading and leave the comments on this blog. Yours make my blog alive and well done. 

Life Lately – How’s Your Goals?

Asking by Cero hahaha, the most gifted and awesome blogger. So I decided to make this post. Oh wait, didn’t you even read your blog comments and got an idea to make these comments as your entry? Yes I did it, for the first time hahaha.
For my February goals post,
there’s so great to read any of your comments. Thank a lot for the comments guys, you’re rock.
So how’s my goals?
Let’s read the first one. Read at least one book in this month. Absolutely, I did it. Although I’ve not buy any new books, I decided to re-read my old books collection. It’s really amazing. Read your old books which is you decided to not read them again before is great,  you can recall the plot of the books by reading it’s and enjoy by yourself. But the sadly part is, I’d always REMEMBER any of annoyed and hate part of the books, that’s why I’m not finish my reading, unless some books which is not having rags to riches and the quest storyline.
Second, work out three days a week. Not going so well with this goal. I only did the squat to burn fat from my thighs.
Third, say no to Valentine’s Day. As I can remember, when I was in secondary school (that’s time I’ve gotten what’s Valentine’s Day) I always loves to celebrate with my boyfriend but guess what? When I was teen, I’d never have any experience with the boyfriend hahaha. When I woke up in 14 February, I didn’t even remember that day was Valentine’s Day (so silly)
I loves green tea but not as much as coffee. To be clear, coffee still my favorite ones. But drinking green tea is good for your health, honey. I’d love Boh green tea and I already run out of the green tea. Need to go to nearest convenience store to buy more green tea hehehe.
Blogging? I’m tried to convince myself to satisfied with the blog and brainstorming for new ideas for the blog. I hope my blogger friends will always proud with their own blog too. But I was frustrated with myself whenever I got any ideas for the blog, typing these and out of the blue I forgot to click the save button before reloaded and all my efforts gone.
I’d love my job and playing with babies and talking with them, I still not understand the baby language but knowing that not only me makes me feel happy and excited. Struggling with the babies, to wear diapers and clothes for the babies aren’t going very well you know *sobs sobs*
Alhamdulillah, Allah S.W.T blessed me. Here I am, writing for the blog to make this blog much better than before. And also looking for the babies. I don’t know what to do if I got sick. Haha maybe it’ll be ruin all. Make my life will be upside down. But don’t worry, my immune system is not weak, it’s strong enough to against the disease In shaa Allah.

20 Blogging Facts About Me

1. I started this blog on 1 January 2016 but believe it or not, I already have a blog before but I keep changing my blog URL and the titles and I can’t even remember what my URLs blog and what I’m writing on my old blog before.

2. I loves putting giveaways and segments entries in the blog because I don’t know what to write about to update my blog. But as I can remember, I have a very bad luck when it comes to winning anything when I joined the giveaways.
3. As a blogger who’s write a review of products and books, I’m still suck at it no matter how much I love when typing these entries. I didn’t get to it although I already spent most of my time and money for the stuffs. I don’t know maybe it’s just me or not but I’m pretty jealous and excited at the same time when read others review whether it’s just a book review, beauty stuffs review or films or what. I should change my writing skills to be better and better.
4. I’d never used another platform for blogging. Only . No WordPress. No SquareSpace. No Tumblr. And no Weebly. To be clear about it, I chose to be a blogger with Blogspot because isn’t complicated and the most important thing is FREE. Ahaks. Unless you want to buy a custom domain and template.

5. When I’m seeing other blogs with beautiful and amazing and sexy design makes myself doubtness about my blog. How my blog looks? The paragraph is fine? How about the font size and types? Isn’t looking good or too much?
6. I always thought maybe I should start blogging on 2011 or 2012 instead of 2016. With my childish and immature thought, I’ll be popular in the blogging community like Namee Roslan if I start blogging about kids and marriage but the awful part is that I’m not married and I’m not going to have kids and I’m currently not burning up my fat to be skinny like her.
7. I have been longing over Laureline template by Fearne Creative and will purchase it sooner or later. 
8. I adore those black and white templates like so much more. And also silver. Of course silver and white. As for me, cause it’s looking good and neat. 
9. Clicking preview button is a “must” thing to do before publish any entries. I was wary and insecure about my own entries because I’m not so good with it but when I preview my entries before publish it, I got my time to fix these mistake before publish it. 
10. I have to admit, that’s making money with the blog  always crossed my mind before but not now because I realized that thing makes my head hurts so bad for thinking about. So, I decided to  back on track, finding the joy that I found in the first place when I started to blog.

11. I’m decided to put up my real name as a blog title because it was annoying and awful all night to think about it. Use your own name as a blog title will be great if you want people know and remember you.

12. The first ever template I bought for my blog was Gigi from Fearne Creative.

13. I’m not an expert on taking flatlays. Truth. But I’m trying to with the help of some photo editing apps from Play Store. I always wonder how long have I been trying to get a good fresh flatlays with my Vivo camera phone and keep deleting it cause it’s looked crappy.

14. I already met new people when I’m starting my blog whether it  be through comments, e-mails or social media. And I really hope I can meet my blogger friends in real life too, not only through on-line.

15. I often update my blog at midnight when everyone in the house was sleeping. And there was only me with the light of the smartphone screen on the bed.

16. Respect for the blogger who’s kept updating their blog no matter how busy they are. They’re certainly out of the ordinary bloggers who have been comes to blow the blogging world. I hope someday I will be like them. And you too.

17. When I started this blog, I’m blogged in Malay language but now I’m going to change all the entries in English. With my poor English. Wish me good luck.

18. No matter how much I want to update a book review, I’m struggling to get finish my reading because I’m a pretty obvious an overthinking person. I’m kept over thinking about the plot of the books which is come up with the stress although it isn’t not so biggie stuff. So I can’t even finish my reading and and my new post got stunted.

19. I always update my blog with my smartphone, once two with the laptop.

20. I can’t update any entries on my blog in any crowded places, like food court or anyplace else. My room will be great. For sure, blogging is the stuff which is really need a lot of focus and concentrate, so find your place which is come with comfortable and relaxed atmosphere to update your blog with a great ideas. I’d always respect for people who can make it work with the crowded places and things.


Follow Your Blog Because Of?

Peace be upon you and hi

First at all, congratulations for your new domain and Happy Birthday Budak Vanilla ice cream the cutest blogger ever, and also my brother (5th March 2000)

There’s some kind of reasons why people loves to follow up and read your blog posts. Some of us love to follow any blogs that has write a very good articles or entries in their blog  and you can fill your free time by read these entries without being bored. There’s also have some of bloggers who have been following your blog because of your good looking, whether you know it or not. I know how nonsense it sound but you’ll never know how many weirdos in this world, honeybee.

And some of us willing to follow any blogs in return for them because they are follow your blog. For this reason, mostly they’re follow your blog because of some of you makes a segments or giveaways to increase the number of your blog followers. For sure, this is the easiest thing ever in blogging world to get some followers and I’m currently burning with curiosity about an hour ago about the some of bloglist  segment of the month and year or whatnot, also the giveaways. 
That’s my curiosity. And I’m still not getting any answers for my curiosity although I have been googling it. 
Maybe I should let it be anyway, and use it as a my blog post just in case I don’t have any idea what to make my blog keep updating.