My Favourite Youtube Channels (Update)

I watched a lot of YouTube. So do my family absolutely including Damia, my cute cheeky niece. Who doesn’t nowadays, right? I started watching YouTube since I got my Netbook 1Malaysia back then and watched a lot of videos until I enrolled for diploma. Then, my classmates, the girls were obsessed with the K-pop and K-drama  and I overblown with their interest in myself. I watched a ton of K-pop videos, idolized them and holler in front of laptop screen how hot they are. That was the shameful moment in my life.
Cut it out, here are my favorite YouTube channels right now.
First, I found her on YouTube on the random video then I subscribe her channel cause I felt impressed with her makeup tutorials. From natural makeup to smokey eyes, from skincare routine to anything else you just name it. By the way, this Irish beauty blogger and vlogger also has her first ever book, TheMakeupChair Handbook.
Oh Neelofa’s younger sister,  Athisha Khan. She actually a blogger and now vlogger too.  I adore her writing style  and her videos. As  for me,  she is beauty with the brain ( I don’t know why I said this but I think she’s more better than Ameera) I’m jealous with her. Beautiful, rich, wisely, have such a big happy family and sweet boyfriend, Haikal. Now tell me why I shouldn’t be jealous on her T_T.
Nothing films ending are better than this one. I subscribed them. Oh yeah they’re makes a great animated parody alternate endings to major motion pictures which is makes them farcical.
Raon Lee
As an anime lover, I know I can’t stop myself from browsing through YouTube my favorite anime’s songs which is leads to her. I think this Korean girl has a great voice and her passion impressed me.
Pony Makeup
Who doesn’t like to watching and trying Korean makeup style from a Korean makeup artist. I loves her voice when she explained about makeup, she speaks in Korean and makes English subtitle and makes us understand more about makeup without any crap. Her YouTube channel :
Tina Yong
I loves ‘Tina Tries It’ and recently I watched she trying Maybelline X Gigi Hadid Collection which is makes me wanna try out those collection really hard.
So there’s only YouTube channels that I have subscribed for now. Don’t worry, there’s a lot of YouTube channels will be coming on this blog and I’ll full of guts to share with you guys. So, what are you favorite YouTube channels?

Adsense…. Finally.

First Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. 
Take a look at my sidebar and footer. Can’t you see it. Hahaha I’m just super excited and can’t hide it. Now, I got fascinated and totally know how another bloggers felt when their Adsense got approved. Thanks and thanks again.

Nano White Refining Treatment Toner

Hi. Today I will made an entry about one of my favorite forever skincare products, NanoWhite Refining Treatment Toner. I’ve been using this toner almost ermm a year I think it’s more than a year, but wait don’t misunderstand me. More than a year mean by it’s already 5 bottles of this toner. For your information, I’d never stuck to any face toner more than 3 month before, in fact I’m often changing my skincare brands, from another brands to another brands. But I’m sure it not to be late to make a review about this toner. Better late than never, right ?


Nano White Refining Treatment Toner Review 
So, I bought this Nano White Refining Treatment Toner at Guardian drugstore about RM22.00 for 200 ml. For me Nano White Skincare Products totally gives us an  affordable price compared to another skincare brands. As you know, toner is the   second skincare regiment for our face, also as a someone who has such a big pores problem, I really can’t skip this regiment   〒_〒.
As an user of this product, what can I say is that this toner almost like another toner. Water based, but what makes me feel excited to use it it’s because of the smell. This toner has a good fragrance, also made a good thing by controlling the oil on my face.
Nano White Refining Treatment Toner Review
Nano White Refining Treatment Toner Review 
Nano White Refining Treatment Toner Review
Nano White Refining Treatment Toner Review 
  • Big bottle for the RM22


  • Nice smell


  • Great bottle, even it falls off, it’s doesn’t break ( because of the plastic 


  • Doesn’t break me out. 


  • Inexpensive 
  • When I apply on my face quite harsh, my skin got painful especially at my nose and around my chin.

I hope with this simple and short review, you can enjoy yourself and get excited to use this toner. Don’t worry, it isn’t giving your face a harm. Buy Nano White Refining Treatment Toner at Guardian