Rooftop Rant –


Title : Rooftop Rant
Author : Hlovate
Publisher : Jemari Seni Publishing
Publication Year : February 2009
Language : Malay
Pages : 538
Price : RM21.00
ISBN : 9789675118074


…kalau tidak ia meracun
…walau hanya pada awan-awan

Mereka berbicara di atas bumbung
Episod hidup memang berbeza, tapi cerita mereka masih selari!

Allah takkan bebankan hambaNya dengan apa yang dia tak mampu

Hidup tak selalunya lawa
Tak selalu ada pelangi
Kalau nak kata a bed of roses pun, duri-durinya tetap ada
Kadang-kadang…bilamana malapetaka itu datang,
terasa macam kena gelek ke bumi dek ahli sumo
Rasa macam dah tak mampu bangkit
Rasa macam dah tak mampu hela nafas

Dengarkan HLOVATE berbicara:
tentang hikayat Rooftop Rant dari puncak Wisma Topaz ini…
tentang Trisy dan Jade…
tentang bukit yang sayup di depan
tentang angin yang membawa salam di belakang
tentang lang sewah yang berlegar
tentang deretan kenderaan yang bersesak-sesak di bawah
dan mereka terus bercerita…
sesudah berani meruntuhkan tembok hati dan dinding rasa

mampukah dibeli tangga-tangga untuk mencapai cita-cita?

ini cerita sebuah bicara
bicara bumbung namanya…


You call it boring
You call it drama
You call it cliche
You call it too much spice
As for me,
I call it life
Welcome aboard

A story between Trisy & Jade. Both of them have a different lifestyle, interested and dream. But they’d have a likeness in their life that’s why Hlovate wrote Episod hidup memang berbeza, tapi cerita mereka masih selari!
Rooftop Rant is a masterpiece. Yes I call it masterpiece. Not boring, drama, cliche or too much spice. Let’s me be honest, I like Jade because of he’s wearing glasses not because of he’s cartoonist, have a dream to be a cartoonist, being a cartoonist is only part of it. I  like characters wear glasses, for me a characters with glasses are cool, awesome with their own way.  So do Jade. When I read Rooftop Rant, I imagined Keith (Lawak Kampus) as Jade (⌒o⌒). About Trisy ermm let’s it be a secret. Buk Jah also my favorite character. With her kind-heart keep saying Trisy’s parents busy with work because they have to do that for family sake too.
My favorite part in Rooftop Rant is when both of them talked to each other about life, dream and everything in between on the rooftop. When Trisy overdose and need to hospitalized, Jade still visited her at hospital  although she’s gave Jade a shameful moment by non-stopping sing Wonderwall song until she’s discharged. I also adore when Trisy further her degree at Uni of Aberdeen in Biomed. How she’d tried harder to study while remembered her memories with Jade, tried to avoiding Lekiu, someone who’s adore and in love with Trisy when he’s met her at Kukup Golf Resort and when he’s met her at KMS for the second time. Trisy scared Lekiu can’t accept her due her past and still waiting for Jade. Few years didn’t meet Jade, feel drowsy and stressful with her family attitude, brought herself to another place instead of returning to her family’s home in Shah Alam, but finally she returned after Jade managed to persuade her to go home. Everybody tried to called and persuaded her but pointless. Only Jade, not her Pak Su, Buk Jah or Jazz, her brother.
Hlovate’s awesomeness can’t be copied by another writers, because she has her own writing style, different from others, if you’re already read her books you’ll know her style.

Do You Really Need Bloglist Section on Your Sidebar?

Bloglist is one of the gadget provided by Blogger for us to simplify us to blogwalking on some our favorite blogs. Bloglist basically provided in the form of any blogs  we decided to put it on  in our bloglist.
In other words, we don’t need to bother to try remember about which blogs we need to blogwalking today or troubles yourself by trying to remember the address of a blog or website that uses a complicated URL , just look at our blog’s sidebar, find out which ones have the latest blog posts, just click on it and it’ll bring you to the new post of the blog. Anyway, it’s just up to us whether you really want to or not in your blog.
  1. Feel free to put on how many blogs in your bloglist.Dashboard > Layout > Add A Gadget > Choose Bloglist.
  2. When creating a new bloglist, you can change the title My Blog List to any you like. 
  3. Decided whether you want your bloglist sort it by the most recently updated or sort alphabetically by blog title. 
  4. Decided how many blogs you want to show on your bloglist. All blogs or 5 or 10 or 25.
  5. Click add a blog to your list.
  6. You can add blog by URL or by blogs you’re following 
  7. You have options whether you want include icon, title, snippet, thumbnail or date. 
Why I decided to remove my bloglist? Because (a) I feel completely better than before by follow up updated of my favorite blogs  through the Blogger Dashboard and (b) my blog’s sidebar will look more neat and well organized. My wish is none of my favorite bloggers and my readers of this blog would think I don’t appreciate all their efforts to visit this blog, read the immature entries and leave a meaningful comments by saw none of a bloglist, don’t worry I’m still remember yours.

For you who’s curious about whether we can include any other blog than Blogger’s blog, don’t worry. Blogger’s bloglist not only specific for Blogger users, you also can include another platform like, WordPress Self Hosted and Tumblr users but I’m not so sure about Squarespace, Weebly, Wix,, or because I’m never bother to use it for my blog because I got my agreeable with Blogger platform. 

For you who’s gonna put a ton, a ton you know 😛 I mean a lot of your favorite blogs in your bloglist gadget, I recommend you to  put scrollbar on your bloglist to make it looks neat and tidy. Maybe some of you got 10 or 20 favorite blogs to put on the bloglist gadget, so when you click Save button and look at your blog, sure you’ll think how messy your blog is by looking at the bloglist, how long the bloglist is. I recommend you to follow up this Bloglist Scrollbar Tutorial by using CSS to make your bloglist looks marvellous. 

Do you have bloglist on your blog? Why? Come here and share with me by leave a comment below. 

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me
For you, whether this is your first time read my blog, accidentally stepped in to this blog, or if you’re someone who’s enthusiast to my blog, I’m sure you’ve read a lot on my blog and maybe some of you don’t know me well enough so I’ll make things clear by this post. 
1. Left-handed woman. When I was in kindergarten and primary school, I thought I’m weird because I write using my left hand. Actually that’s not such a weirdo. Allah S.W.T gave you hands right and left, so use it for the best. 
2. I love to clean. When things are clean, I feel peace but if things aren’t clean, I’m going explode. Cleansing my house also can be an exercise for me. I’m gonna get my body shape and my house is clean enough. 
3. My name is not Mija but Erni Hasmiza. My family, Abah, Umi, my siblings including my brother-in-law and some close cousins called me Along. My relatives and friends called me Erni. I decided to used Mija because I think it’s easy to spell and mention. there’s one more, I can’t pronounce anything with Z perfectly.
4. Read for pleasure. I loves reading. I read a lot of stuff like blogs, online short stories, social media posts, and hearty novels ect but I rarely get fascinated with the news and poetry. 
5. I loves watching anime. From thriller to romance and funny. Yes I am. The anime I’ve watched can’t even compare to any otaku because I only watched a little bit of it. I’m not an otaku but I am an anime lover. I watch anime whenever I want. Not interested in Malay’s drama by the way. 
6. Messy side braid. I’m really bad at doing hair, really. My hair is always in a ponytail or bun or simple braid. More like loose side braid because of the steps to get those messy side braid is so easy. You can do it without any help from mirror. If it looks marvellous, it’s because somebody else did it for me. Arigatou gozaimasu!! 
7. My eyelashes curly naturally. I’m love and hate it at the same time (I apologise to those who hate me because of I’m saying that!) Yeah I know you must be thinking about ‘Oh girl please be grateful for anything you have because not everyone can have it’. First, I don’t need to spend money on eyelashes curler but  I can’t apply eyeliner correctly with this natural eyelashes. Hurm. Ungrateful person alert!! 
8. I love sling bags and stylish canvas bags. Because of the simple design, yet affordable price because I’m such a  cheapskates. 
9. Rather buy books then makeup. Because I simply thought I can go out without put any makeup on my face. Hell no because I’ll be shameless borrow my Umi or my sister makeup stuff. If you’re read any beauty stuff reviews on this blog, that’s because I bought it because had a deep thought about there products.
10.I remember clothes. There’s one thing that I have a sharp memory for: outfits. I remember any outfits my friends and family. I accidentally told them ‘Eh you’ve already wore this outfit last Tuesday bla bla‘ then this thing sure made my  friends and family feel uncomfortable with me.

There you have it! Happy reading!

Mouth Ulcer, Regretful & Miss This Blog

I think it’s a long time no any update on this blog and honestly I felt uncomfortable and upset with myself being an immature person who’s fail to organize my time with my readers and everyone in between. But I have a solid reason why I haven’t posted anything for a while. 
First let’s start with my mouth. Few days ago, like almost a week, I woke up with hazy and I just couldn’t remember what I’m doing after having seizures again. My mouth feels horrible and I can’t eat like I eat before. It’s hurting… And I keep asking myself why my mouth hurt. Then I’m standing in front of my wardrobe mirror, opened my mouth widely and there’s you go, the mouth ulcer on the mouth on the left side of the cheek and to be honest, it’s quite a lot, not one or two. Lot and hurt. I thought they’re because I’m biting my mouth the left side of the cheek when I having seizures and lucky me because of my head banging on wooden flooring not on ceramics. The result is there’s swelling on my left cheek.  The lesson is don’t forget to take the medicine as required by your doctor. 
I also cut off my hair. It’s quite a long time I don’t cut my hair so why not heh? At the moment I’ve arrived at the hair salon, step into the salon and smile to the owner, sitting on the chair while waiting for my turn, when the hair stylist done with her previous customer, she turned and looked at me, she asked “Adik mau potong rambut?”, I nodded and sat on the front of the mirror with confidence.  And now I regret it. Where those confidence before? I think I don’t have any different with the others girls. Decided to let my hair go and then regret it. Urgh. The most I hate is Husna. #JanganBenciCintaku yeah I’m watching Akasia 7:30 pm drama right now hehe.


Gantung Review

Review Gantung by Nadia Khan

GANTUNG by Nadia Khan


Title : Gantung
Author : Nadia Khan
Publisher : Buku Fixi
Publication Year : March 2018
Edition : 17
Language : Malay
Pages : 293
Price : RM19.90
ISBN : 9489670374505

“Musketeer Code – no all for one, just one for all. “

Gibbs, Ray, KJ dan Troll – sekumpulan pelajar lelaki paling popular dan paling akrab di sebuah sekolah asrama elit. Mereka berempat mencipta Musketeer Code – peraturan yang tidak membenarkan sesiapa antara mereka mempunyai steady girlfriend, tetapi sebarang skandal amat dialu-alukan untuk dikongsi oleh semua.

Sehinggalah peraturan itu dilanggar… dan seorang awek psiko mencetuskan tragedi yang bakal menghantui hidup mereka semua. Kemudian —

It’s already been a week since I bought Gantung by Nadia Khan, her second greatest and bestselling book also my first reading fiction book from Fixi last Friday so I think I should make a review. I can’t denied that Gantung made me impressed with Nadia Khan. She made a great book. I should bought Kelabu and Gantung: 2,  sooner or later. Not forget to mention, I didn’t watch Gantung The Series yet maybe will be or maybe not forever. Shrugging.

This 293 pages book with Gibbs, Ray,  KJ, Troll, Fara, the psycho bitch Deena, Jeff, Lina, Khalil and Cikgu as characters in Gantung, wrote by the superwoman, Nadia Khan. A bunch of love for Siqahiqa, because of her post Gantung The Series | Terpaksa Tonton Secara Haram Di Media Sosial, which is I re-read over and over again, then after few months, I bought Gantung. Few months Okayyy. If you not read Gantung book yet, I welcoming you to read my review and don’t worry, I’ll not make you dissapointed with me. I know I’m kinda late for the party but better late than never, right?

When I read Gantung, when it almost done, I read it with a mixed feelings, those happy and excited feeling only come up when the moment I saw the book on the book shelf Syarikat Muda Osman last week, when I touched it cover, when I was reading only few chapters of the book, took few days to make me realise how much good this book is when I started reading this. But when I almost finished, I realized that those happy excited feeling change to sad, my heart keep pounding hard, I’m sweating, my hand that holds the book is wet by sweat. Damn it.

Sometimes I can’t fit it in my head, how can even a students can make out, a girl can get inside male student dorm without warden realising it but then I got it,  ELIT BOARDING SCHOOL. Only if you have a lot of money, you can do whatever you want, right. I’m not either a boarding school student, or rich kid but I always thought about what if in this school, there’s group of boys with good looking, rich and sweet talker? Will I be tempted by their wealthy and looking? Hope no… boleh buat hancurkan zaman sekolah aku je kalau tergoda dengan mereka fufufufu.

I know the feeling. The feeling when we losing our loved ones. How it effects our life. It bashful but I’m crying right now. There’s many, oh many, many and so much more my wish for Gantung. I wish four of them, Gibbs, Ray, Troll and KJ will be happily living with their families, got a job, family and so on. I wish Gibbs will get married with Fara, got six kids, bought SUV for his children and wife. Damn how much I wish that’s can be real. Wishing Gibbs wishes will come true but it didn’t.

This book, for me gives me a combination of scary, mystery, thrillers, funny, a bit of lovey dovey scene, friendship. With no no flashback scene or chapters. But still great by its own way.