Blogger Challenge 3 : Handwriting

Blogger Challenge 3 post finally is here. This time, it’s about handwriting. So I’m happily post my handwriting picture on this post though I’m not in the mood to blog but one thing that I know, I need to update my blog.

Believe it or not, I only de-stress when I on my blog. Leave anything out of my way and keep focused on blogging literally makes me feel energetic, as for now. I think that what other bloggers will think too.

Blogger Challenge 3

First, that’s my handwriting. There’s no ‘nice’ or ‘ugly’ when it comes to handwriting. There’s only diligent, lazy and when I need to be hurry handwriting and guess what? Three of them totally have no difference to me. I found that diligent handwriting totally made me tired but warmer when I looked at it (that’s how teachers feels, I think?)

Second, those words are from Kuzu No Honkai Decor manga, the last chapter. Happy ending for Hanabi and Mugi. Arigatou gozaimasu, Mengo Yokoyari. And I’m typing this while listening to Heikousen, ending song of Kuzu No Honkai anime.

Already 25, I’m realizing that I’m not write as much as my school time before, but yes, people still writing but not as much as before. There’s social media, smartphones and all those things, I still interested in cute notebooks, stationery etc and I’m proud with myself. One thing I want to ask, do you give a damn care about your handwriting? How much it affects you? Because I keep curious about there’s people out there that obsessed with beautiful handwriting and always want to keep their best when it comes to the handwriting. Sometimes I want to shout out to them stop being so perfect. They’re need to know how their obsessed affects their life.

So, there’s Blogger Challenge 3 this time, in Handwriting

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Life Lately – August ’19

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August has been a wild ones month. When I got my payment, I treated myself two books. And a Stabilo black pen. It’s not hurtful to mention about because I think there is long time I’m not buy any books for myself. I keep reminding myself how important to read any kind of book yet I still forget it. My bad.

On 31th, my parents, my youngest brother, Damia and me went to Lata Jeram Linang. I don’t remember when last time when I was here. I think I still a little kid that time. Nothing much change except for the water, isn’t clear like before. But still there’s people who enjoyed the sweetest moments with their family. Including us.

Oh.. do you want to know what book I bought? Not a hard cover or special books, just Pelukis Jalanan from Teme Abdullah and Ungu Karmila from RAM. I done reading Pelukis Jalanan and I’m not yet starting read Ungu Karmila because urmm it’s quite a thick book for me. Maybe I’ll just give a break just a day or two while working on other posts. I really hope I can re-write my old childish posts and get over it. I don’t know about you, but when something I’m done is smack, it’ll haunt me. I keep thinking about it and can’t stop myself. The only way to make it clear is by re-write it though it take time. Of course it is.

Another thing I love about August is there’s no appointments with doctors. No need to wake up early to go to hospital, waiting my turn to take my meds on the counter, waiting for the bus to get home, I’m TOTALLY FINE. But I need to on 3rd and 17th September. Wish me anything gonna be good and fun. Fun? Nothing funny when it comes to hospital.