Happy Birthday – 26 Lessons By 26

Posted on Jun 11, 2020 in Lifestyle

Salam and greetings to all.

I’m not a birthday girl type. In fact, I always forgot to wish my friends and family birthdays no matter how muchness Facebook notifications hit my phone up. Sometimes, without I realise, I automatically said ‘Oh Happy Birthday’ from my own mouth without post it on the wall of the birthday’s babe. It just so random.

The last time I celebrated my birthday is when I was 9. So childlike, naive, and silly girl who compelled her parents over and over to let me celebrate my birthday, invited some neighborhood kids around my house. I know my parents were annoying with my stubbornness. I still do remember my cake (strawberry cake hurmm), what I got for my birthday and so on. It really memorable and funny at the same time. Why funny? Because one of my friend and her brother gave me a 555 notebook and wrapped it with Fumakilla mosquito coil box TT_TT I can’t help but kept laughing with my sister. Whatever it is, I still love it. Using that 555 notebook, I can jot down anything that cross in my head.

And now, in a wink, I am a sweet twenty-six, though I’m not buying a sweet part :p. So this year’s list of lessons include anything that super real important because they’ve been essential to my personal growth. Without waste any time, here we go, the 26 lessons by 26 :

#1 Being introvert is never being a crime

#2 Read plenty of books

#3 Being selfish is no good

#4 Pamper yourself with things your love, sometimes

#5 Spread kindness to everyone, even to the strangers

#6 Less is more

#7 Not everybody around you is your friends

#8 Read what you love, not read what others

#9 You don’t have to live the same way others do

#10 Life is tough but keep breathing

#11 People can change, whether you realize it or not

#12 Don’t lost hope

#13 Keep learning new things

#14 True friends is limited editions. If you find them, keep them.

#15 Respect people without considering the age

#16 Death is unavoidable

#17 Don’t feel shy about asking Allah

#18 It’s okay to fail. You can try again

#19 Single doesn’t mean you’re lonely

#20 Love Allah, the Prophet (ﷺ) and then you

#21 Feed your soul by reading Al-Quran

#22 People who knows art are great

#23 Life is colourful

#24 Allah is the best planner

#25 Be thankful for what you have

#26 It’s okay to change your mind and decided that you don’t want something you once wanted

Oh happy birthday to me ❤



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