5 Sentimeter Per Saat

I would like to share with you the first light novel I began to read, a masterpiece of Makoto Shinkai, bought it from Gempak Starz. I bought it last year but didn’t make any review yet, so today I’ll share with you my thoughts of the book.
Just a little info, this book is written by Makoto Shinkai at the same time “Byosoku Go Senchimetoru” anime aired. I didn’t watch the anime, but I just watched the trailer and I think the trailer of the anime is good enough. Here we go.
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Title : 5 Sentimeter Per Saat
Author : Makoto Shinkai
Publication : Kadokawa Gempak Starz
Published : March 2017
Genres : Japanese Fiction
Translated by : Atiqyahya
Buy Link : Gempak Starz
Pages : 142
Edition : March 2017
ISBN : 9789674781002
“5 sentimeter per saat tu adalah kelajuan kelopak bunga sakura gugur”. Itulah yang diucap Akari, gadis kesayangan Takaki ketika musim bunga. Bertemu di sekolah rendah dan terpisah di sekolah menengah. Menyebabkan cinta mereka tergantung tidak berkesudahan.
This book split up into three parts. The first part Bunga Sakura / Cherry Blossoms. The first segment recounts Takaki’s relationship with Akari, a young girl new to his school. As elementary school ends and the seasons conspire toward the first year of junior high, Akari is forced to move from Tokyo to Tochigi Prefecture. Takaki and Akari communicate via letters, but they gradually become fewer and further between. When Takaki discovers he too will be moving, he arranges to meet Akari, knowing it might be for the last time.
Kosmonaut, finds Takaki enrolled in senior high in Tanegashima. Although he is featured prominently, Takaki isn’t the principal protagonist. This time we observe him through the eye of Kanae Sumida, a classmate struggling under the weight of impending school decisions and the most painful kind of first love: she is besotted by Takari but slowly realises that he only has eyes for another girl, Akari.
Part three of the book, 5 Sentimeter Per Saat. On the page 85, Makoto Shinkai mention Akari. Akari dreamt about herself and Takaki. How she wish Takaki will stay with her, living in the same city, both through the winter and spring and see sakura trees together.
Then about an adult Takaki  is living alone in Tokyo and has just separated from his girlfriend. When I read Byosoku Go Senchimetoru anime reviews, there’s not enough details about Takaki relationship with his girlfriend, but in the book, Makoto Shinkai give all the details which is more beautiful because I know how Takaki’s life.
When Takaki decided to meet Akari, without knowing that’s will be their last time. Takaki’s botheration, butterflies in his stomach feeling,  those feelings Makoto Shinkai wrote reach to me. I know the feeling of being late for meeting someone, feeling worried, afraid they’re might be waiting too long playing in my head.
This book focus on Takaki, main character who in love with Akari. He’s an introvert, shy and quiet boy and only make friend with Akari, a new student in his class. Takaki said he only can stay with Akari because Akari is alike him. Both of their parents have jobs that make them often move from one place to another
Both of them liked each other but didn’t reveal it. And this part got my attention. Both of them just turned twelve, an elementary six students and already have a crush on each other which is kinda weird, as for me.
Maybe I just too childish and immature when I was twelve, I didn’t even think about crush-things, the most thing I remember that when I vomited on first day of UPSR. I don’t know if you already have a crush when you were twelve, anybody ?
Kanae Sumida.
Overall, I love Makoto Shinkai debut. The first book and the best of all the way. I haven’t read Makoto Shinkai’s second book, Your Name, but I already finished watching the anime. I’ll find it soon.

Have you buy or read 5 Sentimeter Per Saat? What do you think about it? Leave your thoughts on the comment section below. Thanks.


*This book is in Malay version, if you want read in English version, kinda click here :-

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