5 Widgets Must Have On Your Sidebar / Footer Blog


I know, our blog posts very important to us, also our readers. The title, what’s the topic about, when you click on the publish button or whether any topics you publish deserves your readers attention or something like that.
But you have to know that your sidebar (including the footer)  also play a role to attract your readers to scroll down your blog. 
1. Profile Widget.
First thing on your sidebar blog, your readers or the new ones will paying attention when they’re open up your blog to read any of your new blog posts or just a little blogwalking thingies. Me,  as a blogger sometimes will be blogwalking on my favorite blogs and of course, profile widget which is some bloggers will put it at the top of the sidebar or at the bottom of the post. Some of us usually focus on profile widget that’s will bring us to the ‘About Me’ page, and make us interested to the blog.

2. Search Widget
Some bloggers have a search widget on the sidebar. One of the easy way to make your readers around for more than a single post is to make another content easy to discover.

3. Social Media Button 
Third, social media button should be on the sidebar. We’ll be interested to follow up you on the another social media sites to follow you as a new friend, not only your blog.

4. Popular Posts / Featured Posts Widget 
If you ask me to choose between Popular / Featured Posts or Recent Posts,  I’ll be choose Popular Posts / Featured Posts Widget. Popular Posts / Featured Posts Widget with a attractive thumbnails will be a great way to encourage your readers to click on the posts instead of recent posts widget. Yeah recent posts also can be a good widget, but popular posts will make your readers discover more and sticking around a while longer and increase your page views.

5. Ads Widget 
Some of bloggers, trying to make money with their blog will be starting by put any advertising widget on the sidebar (sometimes they’re makes a post about any products and services review and they’ll be able to get a money)

So,  I hope those sidebar widgets on your blog sidebar right now ^.^.

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