Pre Designed Choices Of Gorgeous Bouquets From A Better Florist Malaysia

Since the possibility of finding a human being on this planet that doesn’t like receiving flowers is quite slim, I wanted to share a florist with you that’s going to knock you off your feet with their gorgeous flowers. A Better Florist is a Malaysia flower delivery that recently became the florist that everyone talks about, and it’s definitely not for no reason. This florist has taken the flower industry by a storm, and customers are loving them because they are everything no other florists has been. They care about their customers in a different way, simply by making sure their entire business is up to the highest standards possible.

a better florist
a better florist

What started off as a small Singapore flower shop, turned out to be a flower empire, as they have a Hong Kong flower delivery that’ known for gorgeous HK flowers, and an UAE flower shop also known for their incredible sense for designing UAE flowers. In Malaysia, they have several flower shop open, such as the Ipoh flower delivery, the flower delivery in Penang, the JB flower delivery and the Kuala Lumpur florist.

a better florist

They are able to cater to anyone in Malaysia basically, and their flower delivery is the main reason for this. After you’ve decided with gorgeous flowers you’re going to purchase, their florists arrange it and give it to their flower delivery to make the fastest delivery possible. And when I say fast, I really mean it. Their standard delivery is their same day flower delivery, and not only does it come on the same day, it’s also totally free, if you order before 3pm. They also have an express delivery, perfect for all those who needs something fast. Their express delivery will deliver to your desired location in just 90 minutes.

Besides offering incredible flowers, which you can see on their website, they also have hampers as well as fruit baskets. In Malaysia, these are the most popular gifts to take to someone’s event, party or even for the holidays. When it comes to A Better Florist their most popular hamper is the baby hamper, but there’s more to choose from that their gift delivery can get to you within a day.

a better florist

I personally also love the fact that you don’t have to be into flowers to pick out a gorgeous bouquet. They help you out with this by giving you already pre designed choices, and you just click on the one that you want. Since all of them are quite stunning, there’s no way you can make a mistake.

Overall, it’s quite an impressive flower shop, and it would definitely be a miss not to try it out! If you’re in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Dubai, Brisbane or Singapore, you can try it out at any time!

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  1. cantik la gubahan bunga tu.. tenang rasa…

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  3. Well, i was looking on Google regarding Pre design bouquet and i got your book over there…!
    Actually love to leave a single comment here because i love your arrangement

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