A Cup of Coffee

Frankly speaking, I started drinking coffee since I was a little girl. When I mentioned coffee, it doesn’t mean coffee from Starbucks or another coffeehouses with RM8 per cup  but it’s only an average coffee powder with low-priced and you can find it at grocery store nearby.
Thanks to my late grandmother, she made me know what to drink when I got exasperated, nettled and pleasing. She also made me thinking of coffee whenever it comes to witching hour, have a cup of hot coffee while watching P. Ramlee films, listen to her stories about her past especially when it comes to war, hang around with her at any moment she does her work and prattling. Thinking back to my late grandmother who relieved not only my heart but also my childhood memories made me come with this post.
Notwithstanding I got a cup of coffee from any coffee shop I visited, it’s totally different from my first ones, they’re like night and day. Regardless the price or taste, or the amount of sugar or cream, it’s definitely not the same one.

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  1. suka bau kopi, tapi akak jarang minum kopi.

    terima kasih sudi singgah blog akak, akak follow sini

  2. akak follow sini…dulu memang addicted sangat dengan coffee ni..tapi sampai satu tahap,bila dah selalu ambil,migrain ler pulak

  3. I love to see your blog. cantik sangat

  4. saya sekarang tengah pantang minum kopi..

    biasalah jika dah umur seperti Pak Cik kesihatan mau jaga pada tahap tip top

  5. Cantiknya your blog! Sangat simple but menarik. Like the aroma of coffee but rarely drink. 🙂 Cuma buatkan husband every morning hehe

  6. Saya suka minum kopi. Gengla kita.

  7. I guess coffee is more than coffee for you. It ties you with the memories of your late grandma 🙂

    As for me, I maybe have tried coffee once or twice but that's about it. I considered myself to be allergic to coffee as I usually throw up after drinking coffee. Before this, bau pun tak boleh cause it makes me feel nauseous. Now, alhamdulillah, I'm okay with the smell 🙂

  8. Al Fatihah for your late grandmother. You must miss her a lot..

    I love coffee too <3 Sehari mesti nak minum kopi walaupun dah berkali kata nak pantang kopi. Adoii..

    So, bila kita nak mengopi bersama? hihi

  9. Reading this post reminds me of my late grandma too T_T
    Al-Fatihah for them ❤

  10. Migraine? Kena control kot

  11. Tu laa bau kopi tu wangi sangat hehe and thanks sebab sudi singgah and follow blog saya ni

  12. Yeay ada geng haha bila kita boleh minum kopi sekali?

  13. Aroma kopi ni memang lain macam haha thanks sebab puji blog ni

  14. Good job pak cik.. Kesihatan lagi penting

  15. You were right, coffee is more than coffee.

  16. Rindu sangat kat arwah nenek T_T tu la.. Erni lagi la sehari kalau tak minum kopi rasa tak best haha. Set date okeh

  17. T_T Al Fatihah to your grandma

  18. sy igt lg 1st time sy minum kopi kt rumah kenduri kahwin… ms tu temankn mama menolong kt sn..so tuan rumah hidangkn kopi pekat melikat tp sedap sbb dapat cicah dgn biskut tongkat (biskut keras) yang ada gula tu hahahaah

  19. Apa perasaan yang anda rasa selepas minum kopi? Hahaha mesti best ni. By the way, kopi cicah biskut memang sedap laaa

  20. cantiknya gambar adoi jeles! Dulu tak suka minum kopi sebab takut hitam tapi bila dah minum now dah jadi fav especially yang serbuk kopi kaw tu haha

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