A Letter From A Babysitter

I’m not either a Mama or a wife but I do love kids as much as I love myself and my family. I know how much babies need to be love because I was once a baby, we all have been a baby to our parents. Thought I don’t remember my memories as a baby before, I don’t remember any slight of my baby’s memories from the day I was born until four, I know how much I got love from my parents, and my family. I’m sure everyone knows that there’s three types of parents in the world. There’s some parents will send their baby to a nursery, some parents will entrusted their baby to someone called a babysitter, and some parents prefer to take care their own baby. I’ll not talking about parents who send their baby to the nursery and the one who takes care their own baby, I’ll taking about babysitter. 

Babysitter is not the easiest one and not the most high paying job but the best part ever is we don’t need to wear baju kurung, doesn’t need to follow any dress code, wearing heavy makeup and high heels to seduce our big boss because we don’t need it all. That why I like my job, surrounded by the overload cute kids, singing kid songs and do the dance (if the kids already learn to walk way better), watching the kid shows and so on. You don’t need to be a mother to be a babysitter, and you don’t need to find a husband to make people approved you as babysitter of their baby and so on.

I was shocked by the news of a baby who has been killed by his babysitter, and the baby’s body was hidden in the refrigerator at the babysitter’s house, what’s make me feel annoying and angry with the babysitter is not only how could she killed a 5 months baby boy but also keep lying to the parents, said the baby was kidnapped by someone who’s pretend to be the baby’s father. You’re killing an innocent baby, also lying to the parents and at the same time you’re still have time to leave a comment in one of the group’s status  on Facebook that you’re looking for a new baby to take care of without guiltiness. Look woman, even the lion, the most blood-curdling animal in the world love their kids and take care the kids carefully because they’re know and alert one day, those little cute ones will be the ones whose can fight and protect them from any enemies. So do us, by our job, we can protect them from anyone who is malicious intent on them, teach them how to walk, make them enjoyable smile with a gorgeousness happy feeling, make sure they’re pretty proud with themselves. Do you know the feeling?

Babysitter, where’s the parents give us obligation, to take care their kids, give them love, and you’re just killed him just like that, do you have any guilty  feeling about it? The question is, WHAT’S THE BABY EVER DONE TO YOU UNTIL YOU WERE ABLE TO KILL HIM? Did he rape you? Stole your money? Burn your house down? No right, come on lahh he’s just 5 months baby,he’s just live only 5 months until you killed him, leave him with cold in refrigerator. I think you’re disability, deformed, because devil already eat your brain,  heart and your  soul, right? That’s why you can’t ever thought about how happy they were when they’re knew they’ll got a baby boy, how long his mother endure the pain to give birth to him, how happily his mother and father after the baby born, you without any guiltiness destroyed their sunny gleeful imagination to live happily with their kid Adam, to see his happy face when he’s on the school, college days, work, couple and got married, having kids and so on.

Maybe this is a lesson for all of us, don’t easily trust someone else without knowing the person’s background. 

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