The Best Places to Raise a Family in Western PA

The question of how to tell if a city is good for raising a family is one that parents ask often.

One way to answer the question of whether or not a city is good for raising a family would be to look at the crime rates. If there are significantly fewer crimes, it can be said that the city has a low crime rate and may be good for raising children.

Another way to answer this question would be by looking at the cost of living in the city. If it’s not too expensive, then it’s likely that you’ll have more disposable income and will have more opportunities to raise your children.

If you’re moving into the Western Pennsylvania area and want to know which areas are best for raising a family, check out this list of the top cities for doing just that!


Pittsburgh is a great city for children to grow up in. It has really come back from its former days as an old steel town into a not-too-big city where many families feel safe.

The city has plenty of parks, museums, and playgrounds that are perfect for kids.

What are the best activities for kids?

Some of these include:

– The Carnegie Science Center: This is an interactive science center that has many hands-on exhibits and activities for children.

– The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh: This museum is a fun place for children to learn about art and culture through exhibits, games, story time, and more.

– Allegheny Observatory: This observatory offers family programs such as stargazing on the roof top deck or planetarium shows during the day.

There are also plenty of Pittsburgh houses for sale when you’re ready to move into the city for real!


There are a lot of things that you can do with your children in Erie, Pennsylvania.  This beautiful city of 97,000 sits on the coast of Lake Erie. From eating ice cream to watching the sunset, there are plenty of activities for the whole family.

The following is a list of some of the best activities for children in Erie, Pennsylvania:

-Attend an Erie Sea Dogs baseball game

-Visit the Children’s Museum

-Walk along Presque Isle State Park

Crime has also been declining in the city, making it a great place to settle with a family.


Johnstown is a small city in the state of Pennsylvania. It has a population of about 19,000 people and is located in the southwestern part of the state.

Johnstown has a very low crime rate and is considered one of the safest places to raise a family. The cost of living in Johnstown is relatively low as well, which makes it an affordable place to live.

There are plenty of things to do in Johnstown that will keep kids entertained and educated. Here are just a few ideas:

-Visit the Cambria County Courthouse and see the famous mural by Thomas Hart Benton.

-Take a tour of the Cambria County Natural History Museum.

-Explore the Johnstown Flood Museum for an educational and entertaining experience about the Great Flood of 1889.

-Visit the Johnstown Heritage Center for an exploration into local history and culture.

Dr Chong Clinic Aesthetic Kuala Lumpur

Dr Chong Clinic, An Aesthetic Clinic for Getting Skin Treatment

All of us got the same problem, whether it hormonal acne, acne scar and so on. Some skincare products might be able to help and some might not. That’s why we need to seek help from dermatologist, who knows better than us on how to treat our skin problems. One of the best skin clinic, Dr. Chong Clinic can solve all those with their treatment.

When it comes to treatment for any skin problem, there’s more you need to know before seeking help with your skin issues. For example, whether it’s has hidden charge of the services, how good the doctor and staff, if theirs treatments is worth with the price tag and so on. Dr Chong Clinic not only known for their aesthetic environment and how friendly the staff but also comes with affordable price of the laser services compared to other places.

Dr Chong Clinic Aesthetic Kuala Lumpur

Meanwhile, let’s not forget about the location as well because location of the clinic also a number-one priority for you if you want to try the services of the clinic. Dr. Chong Clinic located in Kuala Lumpur, Selangor, Johor Bahru and Negeri Sembilan across Malaysia. As I know, they will opening more branches sooner 。◕‿◕。 but if you wanna know they are already have five branches at Kuala Lumpur! Definitely a good news for people who live in Kuala Lumpur and cries out for treatment of any skin conditions

Furthermore, this aesthetic clinic not only treats acne and scar problem, but more skin treatment services that you would love to try. For example, wrinkles problem, eyebag and skin brightening. But more importantly, they’re also offer hair removal (I would love to try this one sooner) fungal infection, tattoo removal (if you want to remove your tattoo, just do it here) and of course to clear your skin from varicose veins or more knows as spider veins. Thanks God because I don’t like spider veins.

Dr Chong Clinic Aesthetic Kuala Lumpur

If you’re sceptical about the services of Dr. Chong Clinic, you just need to go to their website and Facebook and read the review of their customers about their services. As the results, Dr Chong Clinic win few awards including SMEs Best Brand Award 2018-2019 and Star Outstanding Business Award 2019 of Outstanding Achievement 2019.

Even more importantly, 100 percent of the teams at Dr Chong Clinic are certified medical doctors and passionate onto aesthetic and dermatology. Not only that, they’re also concerned about patients skin, hair and body conditions and trying their best to bring back their patients confident level.

If you’re having skin conditions and need treatment from Dr Chong Clinic, you can book an appointment via Whatsapp. Good thing is, you can book a free consultation regarding your skin conditions by your preferred date, time and which branch of Dr Chong Clinic you want to on their website.

Last but not least, if you got skin treatment from this most known aesthetic clinic with affordable price, feel free to leave your review on their social media, share your experience of the services and staff and also before and after results (a few pictures will be better).

January 2022 Wrap Up

First month of 2022 really went well. As for me. But I wish I could spend more time at any bookstore because this woman really need space for herself. Before this, I will spend almost an hour or so, before I decide which book I will buy. Whatever it is, together, let’s recap my January 2022


My Love Story
My Love Story
Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki
Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki
Natsume Yujincho
Natsume Yujincho

I use my free time to finished Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki, rewatch My Love Story (can’t stop laughing while watching the anime) and marathon Natsume Yujincho series. Yup I finished all the season of Natsume Yujincho, six of them include the OVA episodes.

While watching Natsume Yujincho, I thinks maybe I’ll read the manga since Yuki Midorikawa is one of my favorite author but, there’s 27 volumes of manga, of course it’ll take some time to finish it.


Brutal: Satsujin Kansatsukan no Kokuhaku
Brutal: Satsujin Kansatsukan no Kokuhaku
It Ends With Us
It Ends With Us


My mood swings really give me headache. I read newest blog posts from my favorite bloggers but I still don’t know what to comment on the post.

By the way, now it’s time about bloglist. Before this I’ll put bloglist on my blog sidebar whether random favorite blogs or Blogger Malaysia Biters but I decided that I will create different bookmark folders on Chrome with different name like lifestyle/beauty/book blogs with the link of the blogs. So I guess I cleaned my sidebar a little bit for new year. Better than nothing lah.

That’s all for January. I’ll keep shares my life update although I know nothing extra about it. Because that’s why I created this blog at the first place. By the way, how your January?

New Year Resolutions of 2022

My New Year Resolutions of 2022

Happy New Year everyone. Today I decided to write my new year resolutions of 2022 whether it’s related to my desire, lifestyle or writing.

Some people totally into new year resolution, meanwhile there’s others who not. While me, sometimes I really look forward for it and sometimes I’m not.


Let’s admit this. I hate put the target on how much books I’m gonna read, but I think this is the best way to push myself to keep reading (⊙_◎). Whether it e-book, novel, light novel, manga, or non-fiction books, I’ll try my best to read. I will be proud with myself if I hit my reading goal, but if isn’t, I’ll not feel disappointed or sad.


I will buy more loose clothes, not only for outing but also at home because you know how comfy loose clothes are.


Because I’m not so into vigorous exercise plus my health condition is not that good to do so, I decided to stick to light exercise only. Like walking, bike riding also doing all the chores. I think


It’s not that hard actually, because other bloggers out there aims to write more than 10 entries per month.


Whether it’s about post a new entry or blogwalking or reply to any comments,yeah I’ll be consistent and look forward for it. My relationship with blogging is quite on off. Whenever I want to keep this blog alive, I believe it’s literally still alive but slowly dead inside, like me. I write nothing but ridiculous things, at the same time I want my readers read something useful from this blog.

Healing Bark Mask Review

Hi. Today I will share with you a review of the new mask I fell in love, Healing Bark Golden Tree Bark Mask. As my readers, if you read some of my posts, you will understand that I am mask lover especially clay mask. So, it thrilling to try a new mask and include it in my skincare routine.

Healing Bark Golden Tree Bark Mask

Where to purchase : I got mine from the website Healing Bark

Price : $14.99

Volume : 50g

Brand : Healing Bark

Made in : Myanmar

Packaged in : USA

Product description : Gentle calm your face and cleanse your pores for soothed refreshed skin.

  • No animal testing
  • No animal products
  • No fragrances
  • No additives

Thanaka is rich in Vitamin E which protects the cell structure of the skin fromthe damaging effects of free radicals and pollutants.

The primary active ingredients in healing bark are coumarin and marmesin.  In a recent study, it was found that coumarin has powerful anti-aging, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antioxidant, and phytochemical (chemical compounds produced by plants) properties. 

Deeply cleans the skin by removing the dirt and impurities often found deep within the pores. 

  • Alleviates temporary discomfort and redness
  • Balances the skin’s natural oils
  • Clarifies the skin
  • Calms and cools the skin
  • Creates an even, glowing complexion
  • Evens out skin tone appearance
  • Gently exfoliates without irritation
  • Improves skin tone appearance
  • Smooths uneven skin texture
  • Refreshes and soothes the skin

History of Thanaka Powder

  • The product is made by grinding the bark of the Limonia acidissima and Naringi crenulata trees into what is referred to as 100% natural Thanaka powder.
  • It takes 3½ decades before it can be turned into a beauty product.
  • Healing bark or Thanaka has been used for centuries by Burmese (Myanmar) women because they believed that it prevented the skin from showing signs of aging and helped to treat acne. 

Good for : All skin types including sensitive and acne-prone skin types.

Ingredient : Hesperethusa crenulata (Tanaka) bark powder

Packaging : This Healing Bark mask comes in 50 g white plastic jar.

Direction : Mix 2 teaspoons of powder with 3 teaspoons of water until the creamy paste is formed. Add more powder or water if needed. Layer on face or other area and let dry. Paste will dry in 5-10 minutes depending on layer thickness.

How I use this product : I use this mask after I’m done with double cleansing method. I love mixing it with aloe vera gel, but using hydrating toner or water will be good too. I will mix a teaspoon of the mask with a tablespoon of aloe vera and put it on my dry skin. As usual, I’ll let it on my skin 10 minutes, more or less, but of course I’ll not let it fully dry.

Fragrance : I didn’t smell any weird while using the mask, which is the bonus point here. That’s means people who are sensitive to the fragrance can freely using this mask without worry about whether they’ll be got any bad reaction to the product.

Texture : This Healing Bark Mask have a powder texture and I can adjust whether I want the thick or watery texture when mixing it up with aloe vera / water / hydrating toner / essence. The powder colour is light yellow and when we put it on the face, let the mask dry within 10-15 minutes, when I wash it off, there’s no

Irritation/Sting the eyes : I didn’t experience any of irritation like redness or anything like that when I applied this mask on my face. That means my skin love this mask. But if you got any redness or irritation when you applied on your face, please stop using it. Remember, what works on my skin might not be same as you. All of us have different skin types, what our skin condition and ingredients that works on our skin also different.

How long I have been using this product : As I write this review, it’s already been a month I’ve been trying this mask. I just use two times, sometimes I’ll use three times per week.

What I like :

  • There only and only one ingredient they use, Tanaka powder, which is I didn’t get any irritation signs of using it
  • I love when I can mixing it up with aloe vera and my hydrating toner, not only water.
  • The cool sensation I feel on my skin when I put it on the skin and wait until it dry.
  • My pores look clean and my acne scars slowly fading away because the mask also act as gentle exfoliate on the skin.

What I don’t like : There’s nothing I don’t like or turn off about this mask because my skin got no problem when using it.

Overall rating : ★★★★

Conclusion : After use it for a few times, I found this mask as good as the price tag and the function. I never got any mask that’s give a cool sensation when I put it on the face. After I wash it off, I don’t see any yellow stain on the skin although the mask color itself is slightly yellow, so you don’t have to worry whether it’ll leave any stain on your skin.

Would I repurchased : Since I got no problem when I used on my skin, I wouldn’t mind to repurchase it in the future.

Have you try this mask from Healing Bark?

3 Types of Homes You Can Find in Vancouver

Vancouver is a city with no parallel.  Sitting on the northern half of British Columbia, Vancouver is the perfect mix of artsy and technologically minded, creating an interesting blend in home design and taste.

If you’re interested in buying a home in Vancouver, here are the top three types of homes you’re going to find in the city.  Although every house is its own and deserves its recognition, there would be no Vancouver without these cliches!

Boat Houses Floating by

Houseboats have been a fad since the 1960s when people started seeking out unusual ways to live and find privacy. So, although living on boats wasn’t new, outfitting crafts specifically to make them into hoes was!  

Vancouver has a long history of houseboats, allowing people to pay and dock year-round or come and go as they wish.  Houseboats are fun, quirky, and an incredible conversation starter, yet they’re also high maintenance.

Not only do you have to manage your sewage system, but the boat also requires engineers or help if anything goes wrong.  This can get expensive quickly. In addition, the physical labor needed to maintain and use the houseboat may outweigh the cute looks that entice so many buyers.

Modern and Tech-Driven

Since this city is a tech capital, it’s no surprise that Vancouver homes for sale would reflect that!  Many homes available for purchase in Vancouver have smart capabilities, perks that range from in-floor heating to a fridge that will tell you when you need to do another grocery run.  Although these hoes can be overwhelming to older generations who want every piece of furnishing to be usable right off the bat, for younger people who are house shopping, these can be fun perks to dig through and picture your life alongside.

Artsy and Fun Classic

Vancouver is often called the Hollywood of Canada because of how many movies are filmed here and the artsy attitude.  Fortunately, the artsy feelings are carried through in the architecture and design choices within most homes. So many spaces, from older homes to newer minimal designs, can be coated in beautiful hues, making the home itself a piece of art.  Sitting above the beautiful ocean water, the mountains at their backs, every home within Vancouver is as unique as it can get while still feeling like a comfortable and welcoming environment.

Vancouver is more than just a techy city an hour away from the skiing capital of the world.  Every house is a piece of art, from techy futuristic homes to cute and well-decorated houseboats; you’ll fall in love with every home that you get to come across.  

The prices in Vancouver can be obscene in some areas, so you’ll have to budget heavily and save up if you want to afford a home or get approved for a loan.  Although this hurtle may be large enough for many, the housing market is still wild here and can take some patience and work to get into.