• May 2022 Wrap-up

    May 2022 Wrap-up

    Hi. June, my birthday month is here yet I will tell you about my May life story. Everytime new month is here, the excitement and hype is super real. We will excited to plan our TBR for the next month, books that waiting on the shelf to get finished, trying a new recipes, try and… Continue reading

  • Lucca Vudor Comes with Comfy but Attractive Designs

    Hi. Guess who trying to update her blog while fighting with the unstable emotions aka mood swings? It’s me. Hehee. How are you? How your day? Yay or nay? For me, it’s still good because I got a new SHOES. It’s sandals by the way haha. Shoes is not something that I will buy for… Continue reading

  • The Best Places to Raise a Family in Western PA

    The question of how to tell if a city is good for raising a family is one that parents ask often. One way to answer the question of whether or not a city is good for raising a family would be to look at the crime rates. If there are significantly fewer crimes, it can… Continue reading

  • Dr Chong Clinic, An Aesthetic Clinic for Getting Skin Treatment

    Dr Chong Clinic, An Aesthetic Clinic for Getting Skin Treatment

    All of us got the same problem, whether it hormonal acne, acne scar and so on. Some skincare products might be able to help and some might not. That’s why we need to seek help from dermatologist, who knows better than us on how to treat our skin problems. One of the best skin clinic,… Continue reading

  • January 2022 Wrap Up

    January 2022 Wrap Up

    First month of 2022 really went well. As for me. But I wish I could spend more time at any bookstore because this woman really need space for herself. Before this, I will spend almost an hour or so, before I decide which book I will buy. Whatever it is, together, let’s recap my January… Continue reading

  • Safi Shayla Supa Smooth Leave On Cream Review

    Hi. I’m here not so early, I don’t think I would update my blog as early as I don’t know but the sun is not here yet. It’s quarter past 6 by the way (•‿•). I’m also in my good mood so… before anyone or anything spoil the mood I should write. First, when my… Continue reading