Be Happy


At the first,  I don’t know  why ‘Be Happy’ for my entry this time. That’s so random  duhh. I know  I’ve been  hiatus for the long way ago and I’m sorry. I am. It’s all writer block fault,  why he always came to me when I don’t need him ( Don’t ask why I called my writer block as him although writer block not so gender things).  So it’s time  to update  my lovely blog and hugging them tightly. It’s clingy enough Erni,  you better stop it right now >.<
I loves music and I know I keep replaying these two songs over and over, Shape of You by Ed Sheeran (my favorite ones this year) and Closer by The Chainsmokers ft Halsey (still the best ones) and I can’t wait to new one, Memories… Do Not Open. And yeah I know almost of us are music lover. Oh maybe you guys should listen to Supermarket Flowers and How Would You Feel (Paen)  by Ed Sheeran too (urgh why eh I keep recommend Ed Sheeran songs)
By the way, I’m getting married soon and congrats to myself. Just kidding, people. Maybe I’ll publish my next blog post next year, buddies. Kidding again.
Writer block totally suck but I still loves my blog. 

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