Birthday Surprise !

First at all, I want to say Happy Birthday Lazada. Lazada have been 5 year old already well and maybe they should get ready for school tomorrow. Oops,  I almost forgot, we’re in school holiday season right now so no school for a week. Yeppy. 

I bet children love school holiday more than us,  because we,  as a adult, school holiday is nothing for us. We’re still got a job to do.  When you don’t get a job, means no money and when you don’t have any money, means no shopping and when no shopping you’ll be stress out and when you got stressful, pimples will comes around and  you guys gonna be mad. I’m serious. 
We are ladies and ladies needs a shopping treatment so we’re not gonna kill ourselves.
Just kidding. And to make this school holiday be much better than before, and to make your children holiday season be like wonderful time ever of course we need to take  a break from work for a while and go to shopping with our family or friends.
For their 5th anniversary, Lazada makes a great offers and deals with the many items and available products will be offered during the 3-day sale 22 to 24 March 2017 only, so we could grab this opportunity as fast as possible before this huge offers expires.
There a lot of fun at Lazada when it comes to offers.

And there’s more than that. Unbelievable, Acer Aspire ES14 gave discount for 37% around. And there also have Samsung Galaxy A7 but don’t worry I will stick with my Vivo.
Hurry up,  install Lazada latest version on Android and enjoy your special offers. 

6 thoughts on “Birthday Surprise !

  1. Salam erni,, i thought you got free surprise box from Lazada ….coz i envied with some bloggers who got lazada birthday box huuu… the way happy shopping ya dik… hii

  2. Murahnya laptop Acer ni. Huhu. Money please come to me 😀

    Siqah suka cuti sekolah. Walaupun kita masih perlu bekerja, cuma bab yang siqah suka hanya… jalan tak sesak! Hihihi.

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