Follow Your Blog Because Of?

Peace be upon you and hi

First at all, congratulations for your new domain and Happy Birthday Budak Vanilla ice cream the cutest blogger ever, and also my brother (5th March 2000)

There’s some kind of reasons why people loves to follow up and read your blog posts. Some of us love to follow any blogs that has write a very good articles or entries in their blog  and you can fill your free time by read these entries without being bored. There’s also have some of bloggers who have been following your blog because of your good looking, whether

4 Tips For Getting Back Into Blogging

This year, I noticed quite a few people from my reading list taking breaks from their blogs. While a week or two off from blogging can be a really remedial thing, I know from my personal experience that getting back into blogging after a break isn’t always so easy.

1. Tidy up your blog | Get rid of anything doesn’t matter to you anymore, especially in your sidebar and footer. Update any information that might be outdated and update your new and fresh profile picture on sidebar. Trying a new layout / template

Hi 2018 And Bye 2017

Salam everyone. 

Typical of the line for the first blog post of 2018 or any new year. By the way, it’s only a short post. 
So,  Happy New Year to all bloggers in the world and I wish all of you have a good day like forever, and also Happy Birthday to my abah and my blog ( both of them born on the same day, you know. But different year )

5 Widgets Must Have On Your Sidebar / Footer Blog


I know, our blog posts very important to us, also our readers. The title, what’s the topic about, when you click on the publish button or whether any topics you publish deserves your readers attention or something like that.
But you have to know that your sidebar (including the footer)  also play a role to attract your readers to scroll down your blog. 
1. Profile Widget.
First thing on your sidebar blog, your readers or the new ones will paying attention when they’re open up your blog to read any of your new blog posts or just a

The Lazy Post

The Lazy Post

Hi my bucuk readers,  I love you all so much. First at all, thanks for the stuck-lovely session with my blog,  I mean keep reading my blog, thanks a lot. This blog would be nothing without you guys.

Actually, I’d picked  ‘the lazy post’ as a blog post title because I’m totally don’t have any idea to update my lovely blog, people.
That’s all.