Katerer Cinta Review

Aku ingat hidup aku semuanya sugar and spice, where everything’s nice. Tapi sebenarnya kopi dan petai. Pahit dan tengik.


Selamat Hari Raya to all my silent reader. I’m done reading this just a few hours after I bought it at SMO Bookstore (pffft bulan puasa sepatutnya banyak baca Al-Quran) This 9th and the latest book from one of my favorite authors, Nurul Syahida. By reading the synopsis behind the book, I know this book is about arranged marriage, but not your so-typical arranged marriage storyline, hate at the first place, keep arguing with the partner and sweet-konon-habis-tangkap-cintan in the end. Maira, the protagonist, married at 22, divorced at 23.

Nurul Syahida, one of well known writers in Malaysia and all her books really my cup of tea, not so heavy storyline, not as cliche as other books although it is about serious and mature enough for me. Nurul Syahida said she’s dedicated her latest book, this sweet #KatererCinta to her best friend who’s handling catering company, saying how busy her life as a caterer, be in charge of food for any events such as wedding, baby shower and so on. How she can even handling foods and drinks on other wedding ceremonies while she still hasn’t married.

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The book is simply about Maira life story. How she survived after her stupid-moron husband, Annas leave her alone, broken-heart just because of another toxic-blonde girl. How hard she tries to get over him, get out from her comfort zone and building her career as a caterer with the support of her bestfriend, Hafsa. The timeline of the story is easy to understand. The writer already wrote down the period when the story is set up , for us to better understand the storyline .

I am, neither a married woman nor a widow myself but through this book, I learnt how hard be a widow. How hard the feeling when others learned about your status. How you have to survive in your life after what happened.

Hyouka Ketiga: Urutan Kudryavka

Hyouka Urutan Kudryavka

Urutan Kudryavka (Kecurian di Pesta Kanya?!)

by Honobu Yonezawa

Book #3 in Classic Literature Club Series young adult, mystery, slice of life, japanese literature, light novel Published August 2017 by KADOKAWA GEMPAK STARZ SDN BHD
367 pages
Edition Language: Malay

Akhirnya Pesta Kanya yang dinantikan sudah tiba. Tetapi ada masalah besar telah berlaku di Kelab Sastera Klasik. Disebabkan kesilapan, antologi esei ‘Hyouka’ dicetak lebih dari sepatutnya. Ketika ahli kelab sibuk memikirkan jalan penyelesaian, kes kecurian aneh mula berlaku. Antara barang dicuri ialah batu Go, kad tarot dan pistol air… Jom selesaikan kes ini dan harumkan nama kelab! Matlamat kita ialah untuk menjual semua antologi ‘Hyouka’ . Adakah Oreki Houtarou dapat selesaikan misteri ini? Juumoji vs Kelab Sastera Klasik, kami persembahkan jilid ketiga siri terkenal ini!

I’m done by reading the third Classic Literature Club Series, Hyouka Ketiga : Urutan Kudryavka and ready to give my review of the book. It took me two hour to finish it. Not bad. Whatever it is, I’m happy thus feels unreal how come I can finish reading the book though it made me yawn over and over by reading the book. Please don’t misunderstand my line, I’m not saying that Honobu great books as a spiritless, indeed I thought Hyouka especially this one Urutan Kudryavka, I’m just always yawn when reading. I am very encouraged by the success of the Classic Literature Club members, Oreki Houtarou, Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi and Ibara Mayaka for selling almost all the Hyouka’s anthology besides completing the mystery that took place during the Kanya Festival.

In this third installment of Classic Literature Club Series, compared to the first two installment, I have to say that the case in this book it’s quite complicated. Thus, before this third installment, Honobu only write Oreki Houtarou as the only point of view of the book while in this one there are four different point of views which is Oreki Houtarou, Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi and Ibara Mayaka. Lucky me I got what I read cause sometimes I confused who the part is. I thought this one much easier, it helped to understand the other characters thoughts and because I can tell what they feel when they will face Kamiyama Cultural Festival, which is more well-known as Kanya Festa by the student. What the most interesting part is when Houtarou shout Satoshi’s name in one of the chapters. Okay there’s nothing to do with it but I still love the part.

The story begins with the Classic Club members being worried about the mistake that happened at their club, and how they’re going to deal with the problem during the three days of the Kamiyama Cultural Festival. Here, Honobu started writing different point of views, start with Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi, Oreki Houtarou and Ibara Mayaka. Honobu certainly deserves a round of applause when he including Chitanda Eru as a first point because as a curious citizen, I want to know more about Chitanda family history. Though the story line of the first chapter quite slow, I still consider to read without skipping any of them cause I can’t denies that I love when it comes to

When four of them trying to settle down the problem relates to the anthology that they’d works together alongside to spread the name of the club to to ensure the anthology was sold within three days of the festival by means of joining any activity organized by any clubs including radio broadcast club, but a strange things started to happen around the Classic Club members, where a thief called “Juumonji” stole the props of the clubs in Kamiyama High then leaving a note for them as proof of his action. Houtarou claimed that ‘Juumonji’ do that for fun when having his bento, trying to not look at Chitanda big ‘I’m curious’ eyes. The main problem is the anthology that which is printed above the amount they want so Satoshi told his idea of using Juumonji incident to resolve their problem.

For this reason, Oreki Tomoe play an important role by giving Houtarou a fountain pen, and later trading Houtarou’s hand mirror for a copy of “Abu di Senjakala”, which Houtarou later required to solve the Juumonji Incident. How I wish Honobu will write more about Oreki Tomoe in his next book (no kidding, he’s tweeted about the seventh volume)

Hyouka Urutan Kudryavka

I have a fondness for Houtarou by blackmail Juumonji and at the same time made him bought some of the anthology and sell it through the school’s website. Houtarou also made a plan for make sure students bought those anthology using Juumonji name. Somehow, I hate Ibara’s part. I get it why she’s won’t quit from Manga Club because her love for manga and she’s ingenious. She know how to draw, not only read the manga, she know what the best when it comes to manga but if I’m in her place, I’ll quit and focus on Classic Club only. Being in a club with a disaster club’s members will piss me off.

Well that’s all for now. I hope this average of review will make you want to buy Hyouka Ketiga : Urutan Kudryavka. Sorry for any shortcomings and thank you for reading .

Hyouka Kedua: Dalang Di Sebalik Tirai

Kenapa Tak Tanya Eba?

Do I mentioned before that I read the second installment of Kotenbu Series a.k.a Classic Literature Club Series before the first one? Hyouka Kedua: Dalang Di Sebalik Tirai Kedua: Kenapa Tak Tanya Eba?, when I writing the review right now, I’m just buying the sixth installment and will read it soon.

Synopsis :

“Aku nak tahu…”

Chitanda Eru yang penuh dengan perasaan ingin tahu terjebak dalam misteri sebuah filem indie hasil ciptaan Kelas 2-F yang bakal ditayangkan semasa berlangsungnya Pesta Kanya. Seorang lelaki dikunci dalam bilik rahsia sebuah bangunan terbiar. Dia mati setelah tangannya dipotong hingga putus. Tetapi… siapa yang bunuh? Macam mana caranya? Filem itu hanya tamat begitu sahaja tanpa sebarang penjelasan. Disebabkan perasaan ingin tahu yang membuak-buak, Chitanda Eru bersama Oreki Houtarou serta rakan lain mula menyiasat kebenaran di sebalik penamat filem itu.

Bersedia untuk kejutan dalam jilid kedua siri ‘Kelab Sastera Klasik’!

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Review :

In the second installment of the Kotenbu Series, the characters are more fleshed out and they become more alive than the first book Hyouka. It might be because we already know the set up of the story through Hyouka, or because the story is simply better than the first one. While the first one is still memorable to me to some extend, the second installment brought much fun and entertainment to me as a reader, especially when we see how the hero take the wrong step and make the wrong decision because of the “Empress”. Nobody is perfect including Houtarou.

The second book told the story about the process to the Culture Festival in Kamiyama High School, where Class 2-F is struggling to find the replacement writer of their “Mystery” (working title) movie because the original writer was suddenly collapsed and sick due to, as they claimed, working for too hard on the preparation

The Classic Clubs members are asked by the leader of 2-F, Irisu Fuyumi nicknamed as the “Empress” by the other students, to help in finding the best storyline for the movie that was abruptly ended in the middle due to the original writer unable to finish it because she’s sick

This sounds simple and easy, but when you start reading it, it’s actually not. There are a lot of things to think about, from the plot, the setting, the script, the reference books, to the intention of the original writer. Reading the pages after pages of this book never makes me bored, therefore I gave the book 5-star for its excellency in blending the mystery with some little humour to the story.

Classic Literature Club Series Review :

5 Sentimeter Per Saat

I would like to share with you the first light novel I began to read, a masterpiece of Makoto Shinkai, bought it from Gempak Starz. I bought it last year but didn’t make any review yet, so today I’ll share with you my thoughts of the book.
Just a little info, this book is written by Makoto Shinkai at the same time “Byosoku Go Senchimetoru” anime aired. I didn’t watch the anime, but I just watched the trailer and I think the trailer of the anime is good enough. Here we go.
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Title : 5 Sentimeter Per Saat
Author : Makoto Shinkai
Publication : Kadokawa Gempak Starz
Published : March 2017
Genres : Japanese Fiction
Translated by : Atiqyahya
Buy Link : Gempak Starz
Pages : 142
Edition : March 2017
ISBN : 9789674781002
“5 sentimeter per saat tu adalah kelajuan kelopak bunga sakura gugur”. Itulah yang diucap Akari, gadis kesayangan Takaki ketika musim bunga. Bertemu di sekolah rendah dan terpisah di sekolah menengah. Menyebabkan cinta mereka tergantung tidak berkesudahan.
This book split up into three parts. The first part Bunga Sakura / Cherry Blossoms. The first segment recounts Takaki’s relationship with Akari, a young girl new to his school. As elementary school ends and the seasons conspire toward the first year of junior high, Akari is forced to move from Tokyo to Tochigi Prefecture. Takaki and Akari communicate via letters, but they gradually become fewer and further between. When Takaki discovers he too will be moving, he arranges to meet Akari, knowing it might be for the last time.
Kosmonaut, finds Takaki enrolled in senior high in Tanegashima. Although he is featured prominently, Takaki isn’t the principal protagonist. This time we observe him through the eye of Kanae Sumida, a classmate struggling under the weight of impending school decisions and the most painful kind of first love: she is besotted by Takari but slowly realises that he only has eyes for another girl, Akari.
Part three of the book, 5 Sentimeter Per Saat. On the page 85, Makoto Shinkai mention Akari. Akari dreamt about herself and Takaki. How she wish Takaki will stay with her, living in the same city, both through the winter and spring and see sakura trees together.
Then about an adult Takaki  is living alone in Tokyo and has just separated from his girlfriend. When I read Byosoku Go Senchimetoru anime reviews, there’s not enough details about Takaki relationship with his girlfriend, but in the book, Makoto Shinkai give all the details which is more beautiful because I know how Takaki’s life.
When Takaki decided to meet Akari, without knowing that’s will be their last time. Takaki’s botheration, butterflies in his stomach feeling,  those feelings Makoto Shinkai wrote reach to me. I know the feeling of being late for meeting someone, feeling worried, afraid they’re might be waiting too long playing in my head.
This book focus on Takaki, main character who in love with Akari. He’s an introvert, shy and quiet boy and only make friend with Akari, a new student in his class. Takaki said he only can stay with Akari because Akari is alike him. Both of their parents have jobs that make them often move from one place to another
Both of them liked each other but didn’t reveal it. And this part got my attention. Both of them just turned twelve, an elementary six students and already have a crush on each other which is kinda weird, as for me.
Maybe I just too childish and immature when I was twelve, I didn’t even think about crush-things, the most thing I remember that when I vomited on first day of UPSR. I don’t know if you already have a crush when you were twelve, anybody ?
Kanae Sumida.
Overall, I love Makoto Shinkai debut. The first book and the best of all the way. I haven’t read Makoto Shinkai’s second book, Your Name, but I already finished watching the anime. I’ll find it soon.

Have you buy or read 5 Sentimeter Per Saat? What do you think about it? Leave your thoughts on the comment section below. Thanks.


*This book is in Malay version, if you want read in English version, kinda click here :-

Hyouka Pertama : Misteri 33 Tahun

Alright. Honestly, I started with Hyouka Kedua : Dalang Di Sebalik Tirai Kedua : Kenapa Tak Tanya Eba? after that I decided to read Hyouka first volume, Hyouka Pertama : Misteri 33 Tahun. It is the first volume of the Classic Literature Club series or in Malay, Kelab Sastera Klasik. Big thanks to Syazwani Sidek because of her, I had a chance to read Honobu Yanezawa’s masterpiece. You’re free to read this review in spite of the fact that you’re still not reading the book yet but if you don’t want read a review with the spoiler, please don’t.



Title : Hyouka Pertama : Misteri 33 Tahun
Cartoonist/Author : Honobu Yonezawa
Publication : Kadokawa Gempak Starz

Published : June 2017 — First published in Japan in 2001 by Kadokawa Corporation, Tokyo

Genres : Japanese Fiction, Young Adult,Mystery, Slice of Life

Translated by : Uepinmon
Source : Bought from Shoppee
Pages : 215

Edition : June 2017
ISBN : 9789674781767
Oreki Houtarou, seorang remaja kurang aktif yang tidak suka terlibat dalam apa jua aktiviti. Satu hari, rakan dari Kelab Sastera Klasik meminta  pertolongannya dan sejak itu, dia mula  menyelesaikan pelbagai misteri  pelik dalam kehidupan seharian mere; bilik kelas bertukar  menjadi bilik rahsia, buku sama dipinjam setiap minggu, remaja lelaki asyik menafikan  kewujudan koleksi karya yang sememangnya wujud dan kebenaran 33 tahun lalu tersembunyi  dalam antologi berjudul ‘Hyouka’. 
Menarik tapi pahit! Inilah kisah misteri remaja  yang menjadi permulaan siri ‘Kelab Sastera Klasik’. Sebuah karya debut bersejarah Honobu Yanezawa! 



Curiously about introvert person but it’s doesn’t matter to this time. But I just wonder if there’s someone like Houtarou out there? Who’s willing to avoid any interaction between others students, who’s will go home after done with school? Who doesn’t do anything that would waste of energy? In my school days, there are some students who’s quite introvert person but had a great academic achievement who’s got teachers and students attention by their academic , contrast to Houtarou who’s has a normal academic and lifestyle but always succeed to solved the mysterys of the time with his brilliant logical deductions.
All the characters in Hyouka book has different personalities which is made Hyouka more interesting and funny, like Chitanda Eru, she comes from a lineage of wealthy farmers, be a top grade student of the school and had a high curiosity of any mystery that brought to her but at the same time, she also a naive and clumsy. Meanwhile, Satoshi and Mayaka were Houtarou’s friends since middle school although he doesn’t get along with Mayaka due to Houtarou introvert, anti-social attitude, while Satoshi is a someone who is an attractive and spirited high school student who called himself as a human ‘database’



Before this I only heard that this novel tells about mystery and I randomly chosen to buy it from 7Eleven ( Hyouka Kedua : Dalang Di Sebalik Tirai Kedua : Kenapa Tak Tanya Eba? ) and after I read and realized how much great the book is, I’m very enthusiastic and eager to read the first volume then decided to bought Hyouka Pertama : Misteri 33 Tahun. Hyouka plot was interesting and have a legitimate line. Hyouka’s a novel which cover with nine chapters with a different titles. All those nine chapters was served with a great idea.



Honobu’s writing style is awesome, not a boring at all. He’s knows when to make my adrenaline flying through me when I read interesting part. I’d never read any mystery book before whether it’s Malay or English book, or from any language so this is my first time I’ve been reading a book with a mystery genre.



“Jika saya tidak perlu melakukan sesuatu, saya tidak akan melakukannya, tetapi jika saya perlu, saya akan melakukannya dengan cepat.”

“Saya ingin tahu!”


Satoshi. He’s such an interesting, always have a big smile on his face, and a happy go lucky high school boy but I don’t understand why he was secretly jealous of the introvert, Houtarou because for me, he is attractive enough to be himself. In other hand, Satoshi also made me feel annoyed with him. Or maybe not. Or maybe 50-50. He’s not brave enough to express his deep feeling to Ibara, the fourth member of the Classic Literature Club. But later on, he revealed that he does has feelings for Mayaka then start date with her in the spring of their second year. I already like him.



When I finished this book, I can’t believe it I managed to finish it up, because at first I was skeptical about the mystery book will make me sleepy and tired. But I didn’t. RM10 worth it, I got a new experience, although I don’t know much about Japanese language what’s mean by kanji and kana, but I was fine.

This light novel is suitable for you who wants to read light-mystery-related-book because it’s not like Detective Conan which is the story mostly involving the police. 😜

Happy Sunday and happy reading!

Rooftop Rant –


Title : Rooftop Rant
Author : Hlovate
Publisher : Jemari Seni Publishing
Publication Year : February 2009
Language : Malay
Pages : 538
Price : RM21.00
ISBN : 9789675118074


…kalau tidak ia meracun
…walau hanya pada awan-awan

Mereka berbicara di atas bumbung
Episod hidup memang berbeza, tapi cerita mereka masih selari!

Allah takkan bebankan hambaNya dengan apa yang dia tak mampu

Hidup tak selalunya lawa
Tak selalu ada pelangi
Kalau nak kata a bed of roses pun, duri-durinya tetap ada
Kadang-kadang…bilamana malapetaka itu datang,
terasa macam kena gelek ke bumi dek ahli sumo
Rasa macam dah tak mampu bangkit
Rasa macam dah tak mampu hela nafas

Dengarkan HLOVATE berbicara:
tentang hikayat Rooftop Rant dari puncak Wisma Topaz ini…
tentang Trisy dan Jade…
tentang bukit yang sayup di depan
tentang angin yang membawa salam di belakang
tentang lang sewah yang berlegar
tentang deretan kenderaan yang bersesak-sesak di bawah
dan mereka terus bercerita…
sesudah berani meruntuhkan tembok hati dan dinding rasa

mampukah dibeli tangga-tangga untuk mencapai cita-cita?

ini cerita sebuah bicara
bicara bumbung namanya…


You call it boring
You call it drama
You call it cliche
You call it too much spice
As for me,
I call it life
Welcome aboard

A story between Trisy & Jade. Both of them have a different lifestyle, interested and dream. But they’d have a likeness in their life that’s why Hlovate wrote Episod hidup memang berbeza, tapi cerita mereka masih selari!
Rooftop Rant is a masterpiece. Yes I call it masterpiece. Not boring, drama, cliche or too much spice. Let’s me be honest, I like Jade because of he’s wearing glasses not because of he’s cartoonist, have a dream to be a cartoonist, being a cartoonist is only part of it. I  like characters wear glasses, for me a characters with glasses are cool, awesome with their own way.  So do Jade. When I read Rooftop Rant, I imagined Keith (Lawak Kampus) as Jade (⌒o⌒). About Trisy ermm let’s it be a secret. Buk Jah also my favorite character. With her kind-heart keep saying Trisy’s parents busy with work because they have to do that for family sake too.
My favorite part in Rooftop Rant is when both of them talked to each other about life, dream and everything in between on the rooftop. When Trisy overdose and need to hospitalized, Jade still visited her at hospital  although she’s gave Jade a shameful moment by non-stopping sing Wonderwall song until she’s discharged. I also adore when Trisy further her degree at Uni of Aberdeen in Biomed. How she’d tried harder to study while remembered her memories with Jade, tried to avoiding Lekiu, someone who’s adore and in love with Trisy when he’s met her at Kukup Golf Resort and when he’s met her at KMS for the second time. Trisy scared Lekiu can’t accept her due her past and still waiting for Jade. Few years didn’t meet Jade, feel drowsy and stressful with her family attitude, brought herself to another place instead of returning to her family’s home in Shah Alam, but finally she returned after Jade managed to persuade her to go home. Everybody tried to called and persuaded her but pointless. Only Jade, not her Pak Su, Buk Jah or Jazz, her brother.
Hlovate’s awesomeness can’t be copied by another writers, because she has her own writing style, different from others, if you’re already read her books you’ll know her style.