Shopping With Shopee MY

Hi I have to admit that I addicted to shopping thru online. Unbelievable, I also buy my skincare products thru Guardian online right now because err because I’m a little bit lazy tho. It’s all Plain Jane fault. Because I bought her through online and I felt so much good on it. Well,  you don’t […]

Looking For Souvenirs?

Hi.  As for me,  giving or got some souvenirs much better than gifts,  I don’t know maybe it’s just me. Well yeah the cheapest souvenir is also souvenir, non? Mostly,  people giving souvenirs for their beloved ones whether family or friends or their partner as a reminder to them as the special one in their […]

Be Happy

Hi At the first,  I don’t know  why ‘Be Happy’ for my entry this time. That’s so random  duhh. I know  I’ve been  hiatus for the long way ago and I’m sorry. I am. It’s all writer block fault,  why he always came to me when I don’t need him ( Don’t ask why I […]

Happy Birthday, Abah

Hi. I love my abah. He’s my hero, my everything and I know nobody can replaced him in my heart. I know it’s already too late to wish him a birthday wish, but who cares. By the way, May Allah bless you always. What a lucky I am having a abah like you. You’re a […]