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26 Lessons By 26
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26 Lessons By 26

Salam and greetings to all. I’m not a birthday girl type. In fact, I always forgot to wish my friends and family birthdays no matter how muchness Facebook notifications hit my phone up. Sometimes, without I realise, I automatically said ‘Oh Happy Birthday’ from my own mouth without post it on the wall of the…

Staying Sane
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Stay Sane During Covid-19

Salam and greetings to all During this covid-19, nothing much great happened to me. I try my best to stay sane right now. So do you. We all need to. Pamper yourself with things you love. Whatever it is, watching K-dramas, anime, writing any poem that pop up in your head, and so on, you…

Why I Love Coffee

Lets admit it. Coffee, Caffeine is Loved by people, But Why? Why some people love it, some people may not love it? Except rather than playing one steel ball they shoot dozens of balls off, clattering bouncing, racing and ricocheting to rabbit holes and obstructions, bumpers, pachinko machines work like pinball machines. Whistles blow, bells…

August ’19

Follow my blog with Bloglovin August has been a wild ones month. When I got my payment, I treated myself two books. And a Stabilo black pen. It’s not hurtful to mention about because I think there is long time I’m not buy any books for myself. I keep reminding myself how important to read…

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