Celebrate Ramadan with SpongeBob & Patrick

Ramadan with SpongeBob & Patrick
Photo by SpongeBob

Salam and greetings to all. It’s here guys. The Holy Month of Ramadan is here and our cute friends, SpongeBob and Patrick from Bikini Bottom also wish us the best to celebrate Ramadan with our family although through this Covid-19.

It’s warmer enough and enjoyable to see both SpongeBob and Patrick wear baju Melayu outfits. Mostly, we always see SpongeBob wears his usual Krusty Krab uniform, white shirt plus a red tie, brown pant and a pair of black shoes. Opps not forget the Krusty Krab cap too. While Patrick usually put on green pant with the light purple flowers patterned. WITHOUT SHOES AND SHIRT. Of course Patrick is quite improper as you usually see on TV. But with Ramadan here, the creators behind the famous cartoon are making sure that both of them wear Baju Melayu instead which is looks sooo good on them.

As you can see, SpongeBob could be seen stunning with the red traditional Malay outfit. While Patrick Star looks charming and cherishful (in a good way) in his green attire. Both of them even had sampin songket wrapping around their waist and slippers. Seeing Patrick wears slippers really made me happy. Uh uh. It could be better if Squidward and Sandy also in the photo. Imagine Sandy put on pink or light purple baju kurung instead of bikini or her weird white suit. As for Squidward, well, he still looks good in the brown shirt of course he’ll looking good in brown baju melayu too but I wish he’ll smile a bit.

But guess what? At the moment Spongebob tweet this photo on his Twitter, there’s some Indonesians who’s claim that baju melayu is their traditional clothes. And I was like ‘Can we stop this useless claim-things-from-my-country’? Beside, it’s literally brings us nothing. We are already in 2020 and please stop this good for nothing attitude, will you? No matter where you come from.

However, I would also like to wishes to all Muslim around the world and myselwho are fasting during this holy month. May all of us can celebrate Ramadan smoothly during this covid-19. For me, this is first time I fasting without bazaar Ramadan, terawih at home because of the covid-19. Whatever it is, stay strong, stay safe and stay at home!


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One thought on “Celebrate Ramadan with SpongeBob & Patrick

  1. alahh rindu pulak nak tengok spongebob and patrick pakai baju melayu..tahun lepas boleh la tengok kat Paradigm Mall JB, tahun ni sebab PKP, takde lah event spongebob…