Double Cleansing? Do I Need To Double Cleansing if I’m Not Wearing Makeup?

Double Cleansing? Do I Need To Double Cleansing if I’m Not Wearing Makeup?

Double Cleansing
Double cleansing is a key for a clear skin

Double cleansing is one of popular cleansing method from South Korea and now mostly people use this method to make sure they’re get a clearer skin.

When I started know about skincare when I was 12 back then, I only used cleanser in my skincare routine since I love doing things as simple as that is and I was a pretty lazy ass before. I kept wishing to get a clear skin by using cleanser ONLY, no moisturizer, no sunscreen at all but please don’t put the blame on me since I was a innocent (and cute) and had a zero knowledge of the skincare.

I don’t remember when or how I started know about double cleansing method but when I started applying it, I didn’t know my skin will love it that much. After pretty nearly three years of unstoppable double cleansing my skin every night, my super annoying oily skin turn to the combination skin type which is much easier to handle than the oily ones.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Double Cleansing

What is double cleansing?

As the name, double cleansing means you cleanse your face with two types of cleanser, the first one is oil based cleanser and the second one is water based cleanser. Oil based cleanser not only means you only need cleansing oil to use it, You can use cleansing oil, cleansing milk, or cleansing balm as your first cleanser type aka oil based cleanser since some skin (I guess) can’t tolerate with oil.

Who should double cleanse?

Of course, before this when it comes to the skincare, everybody tends to believe skincare only creates for women, but that’s wrong. When it comes to skincare, everybody should be able to do it. It’s already 2020, so whether you’re women or men just take care your skin, skincare not only for women. You name it, one of my favorite Youtuber, Noel Faizal share with his subscribers (including me) about skincare and makeup, so do Kanda Aziz on Instagram. And the latest one is Eric Nam, I watched his nighttime skincare routine on Harper’s BAZAAR :

Why double cleanse is necessary in the skincare routine?

Good skin makes you feel good. When you feel good, you’re a better version of you

One of signs of good skin is clean skin. Double cleanse can tends to get a clear skin by using two types of cleanser oil-based and water-based. The basic is on our face, there’s two types of dirt; makeup, SPF, excessive sebum which needs to remove by using oil-based cleanser and there’s dirt like sweat, dust and need a water-based cleanser to get the stuff off and residue of oil-based cleanser before.

How do I double cleanse and when to do it?

Step One :

Warm 1-2 pumps of a cleansing oil or pea sized amount of a cleansing balm in your dry hands by rubbing your palms together for a few minutes. Little reminder, you definitely don’t need to wet your hands and face because oil-based cleanser obviously working on dry hands and face.

Step Two :

Once the oil cleanser/balm has melted, gently massage it into your dry skin (makeup, sunscreen and all) for 30-60 seconds. Use a slow movement to work the cleansing oil or cleansing balm on your face and your neck. This is exactly what I love the most because giving my face a little massage with cleansing oil can be my ‘me time’, I can improve the blood circulation of the face and neck after a long tired day.

Step Three :

Next step is to rinse off. Why you need to do this? Because this is the reason why it called double cleansing, oil-based cleanser, rinse, water-based cleanser and rinse it off again. After you’re done with massage cleansing oil / balm on your face, time to rinse off all the oil based cleanser. What you will need to do is take some water to emulsify the oil on the skin to make sure our skin is way more clean and clear. Obviously when you add water to wash oil off, the oil+water will turn into milky white stuff.

Step Four :

Once you are done with oil-based cleanser, it’s time to use a water-based cleanser, your regular cleanser. As to this second cleanser, my favorite one of course a gel types cleanser but you can use whatever cleanser types you want either it’s gel or cream or foam or soap whatever it is as long as it is a gentle one. I like this one skincare technique ’60 second rule’ by LaBeautyologist so I apply for my second cleanser which I’ll say, my skin is doing well.

Step Five :

Continue with your rest of skincare products by put on any of your favorite hydrating toner or essence or serum, and then moisturizer or sleeping mask as the last step of the routine.

Step Six :

Repeat every single night before bed. You will thanks to me later ❤

Do I need to double cleanse if I’m not wearing makeup?

As one of the people who don’t do makeup that much though I have some makeup stuff like foundation, powder, blusher and eyeshadow and else, I will still double cleanse my face because I add a SPF during the day because we need to protect our skin from the sun so of course I double cleanse my face.

Can I use any pure oil like olive oil or coconut oil as an oil cleanser?

Not, you definitely can’t because any pure oil can’t emulsify well like cleansing oil. Clearly, if you pump olive oil (or use coconut oil) on your dry hand and then massage it into your dry face, typically next step you need to emulsify it but you can’t because there’s no emulsifier ingredients in it. Emulsify means when you mix water with oil on your skin, there’s will change into ‘milky’ because as all of us know, oil can’t mix with water, but in your oil-based cleanser, there’s some ingredients in it that can mix oil and water.

Can oily skin types use cleansing oil?

I know a lot of people think oily skin types can’t use cleansing oil since you might think oil cleanser will makes your oily skin can get worse, but believe it or not, cleansing oil will not makes your oily skin worse since cleansing oil supposed to cleanse and get rid of oil-based impurities like makeup, sunscreen and the oilies things on your face.

Do I only need to use cleansing oil only to do double cleansing?

Not necessary to use cleansing oil to do double cleansing. You are freely to use cleansing milk or cleansing balm to use in your double cleansing. Some people might think cleansing oil not suits them very well, some got tiny bumps whenever they use cleansing oil, so the best option is to change to the cleansing milk or cleansing balm.

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So that’s all for now, as matter of fact, this my first time I blog about skincare tips although I’m not good enough for it but I try my best to share whatever I know to guys because I tend to believe in sharing is caring; if you know something good, just share with others though a little bit of it as long as it can give a benefit for others.

There will be more, in shaa Allah.

xxx, Mija

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