Erni’s 10 Lines Spillage

Have  a great  weekdays guys (but sometimes weekdays  are  not great  as  we thought because  it’s  weekdays  and  not as good  as  weekend?  I rest  my  case.) So,  I wrote this  entry  as nothing for  you  guys but  sometimes I need  to  spill  when I have to and  when  I feel  lonely  at  midnight in the  dark bedroom and  there’s a word that  call as  over thinking and  you’re  need  to  throw it.
Erni’s 10 Lines  Spillage :
1. We’re totally  have  something that makes you’re feel awful inside and outside but you can’t get  rid of. So embrace it.
2. Meds+docs+psychiatrist = pain in the butt
3. Everybody  has  skeletons in their  closet.
4. The only comfort is knowing we’re  proudly smart enough to live life the way we want it,  thought others ‘ll fail to try to screw it for us, we prove them wrong.
5. They have no idea what I feel like when I looking back at my old me.
6. People who thinks they are knows you better than others are totally suck because they didn’t.
7. It’s easier to spill to a stranger, sharing your thoughts and ranting about anything in between.
8. Be a parents doesn’t mean you knows your  children  better. Trying to be able to know your kids better and more than that.
9. Allah s.w. t created you.  So live on because of His love and believing in His love too.
10. Get a grip.  People come and go, life have it’s own bittersweet and upside down, sometimes life hectic for a day and you can’t avoid, some people who makes you feel better and down at the same time, and for sure life hurt and  reality bites.
So that my  10 Lines Spillage and I’m bet you have your own spillage too,  not only me. That why I loves blogging about.  You can spill anything in between and feel free and better than before.

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