#Flashback 2016

First at all, happy new year everyone. I hope all of you having a blast new year celebration no matter with who you celebrate, family, friends, girlfriend or boyfriend except with your ex. This is my first post on 2017, Hoho so let’s makes some recap.

1. Top Songs on SoundCloud
    1. We Don’t Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez
    2. Bayang – Khai Bahar.
    3. Katakan – Harris Baba
    4. Faded – Alan Walker
    5. Closer – The Chainsmokers

2. Being a blogger
I’d  decided to make a fresh start on January 2016 by created another blog and focus on it. Not about making money with my blog but trying to fix my writing skill and keep reminding me who I want to be actually. And I figure out something, being a blogger makes me happy.

3. Being an aunty
Olala nothing better than knowing that you’ll be an aunty and got anak saudara. If you guys already have anak saudara, I’m pretty sure you know how I felt. Happy. Exciting. And everything in between. And when Damia start crying and smiling oohh I am so happy.

I’m really hope that’s 2017 will be (not something like ‘2017, please be nice to me bla bla bla’ penat aku!!) a better than last one. Just trying to be more better lady than better, fought to live no matter how bad life treat you and please please please myself, your writing skills like budak darjah 1 oh T^T

11 thoughts on “#Flashback 2016”

  1. Siqah tahu your feeling, pasal dapat anak saudara. Hehe. Masa siqah dapat anak saudara pertama, punyalah excited. Sampai setiap kali cuti panjang, mesti duduk rumah kakak nak mengadap anak saudara je 😍

    I love and happy being a blogger too. Walaupun sometimes struggle to update blog regularly. But it's okay. Life comes first 🙂

    Keep blogging erni 🙂

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