Goals For 2019

Almost a week and I just have time to update my peachy and sweet blog. I’ve never actually written down New Year’s resolution, but I thought writing this personal goals could be a way to keep me accountable. There’s a lot of things I want to accomplish, and 2018 has shown me that one year is a longgggg time to do things. For real. 2018 felt like it lasted about 3 years. So with 2019, I’m certain I can accomplish at least one of these things, right?

  • Growing up I wanted my mid 20s to be like a bird. Free. Hope myself will not give a crap about people who pushing me to think about marriage and built up a little family of mine. Heck, since I was a little kid and teen, I don’t put any specific age to get married. I’m not saying that I’ll never get married. Maybe someday soon. There’s no such a Mr. Right on the earth anyway, in fact I’m not Miss Right myself. Nobody is perfect. Enough with someone who can protect, give advice when I don’t know a lot about worldly affairs, and how seriously he will listen to my concerns.

  • Life seems peachy, but then comes the twists and turns. Last year, I somehow unprosperous to not get in any reading slumps for the first time. This year I hope I’ll not make same mistake again. But I don’t know whether I could make it or not. I hope I can. For your information, I’m not engage in to any reading challenges because that feels like setting myself up to come to nothing. If you love something like reading challenges, Goodreads can help you. But I hope to read at least a book a month. Sound like I’m a little girl but that better than nothing

  • I can’t denies that I hate when it comes to monthly appointment with the doctor. I mean who love hospital? With the smell of the something I couldn’t even explain myself, a lot of people who started grumbling and some of old ladies and gentlemen gossiping about anything that they’re feeling disgusted with government hospital service made me have a simple thought in my mind ‘Why don’t you go to the private hospital which comes with a good service and costs a lot of money?’ Don’t get me wrong. I loves government hospital more than the private ones because I know I can save a lot of money. Despite the fact that I have make sure that my health condition is better than before.

  • Before this, I’m not someone who loves when it comes to take a walk. I don’t remember how many times I was feeling extremely happy when I moved to my grandma’s house which located in front of secondary school, that means I’ll not have to use a lot of energy to go to school. But when I growing up, I thought I really need to get a walk. I realized that when I do this, though just for an ice cream at 7-Eleven, I’m feel better.

  • My activity on a day off is to cuddle up on the bed with a series, scrolling Instagram or Twitter or read a book instead of making plans with friends. I need to change this fact and actually spend my free time with the people in my life, I need to get out of my comfort zone and off my bed because this is no way to live life.

  • When I wrote this personal goals’s post, I never thought about to set my blogging goals as well. Just plain-speaking, I don’t set any specific goals when it comes to blogging. I can’t set how many posts I’ll write in a month, what’s day to post it, what’s types of posts should I write about etc etc etc. I think I just write it down whenever it comes to me, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody feelings,

I hope everyone has a happy and healthy New Year! By the way, what’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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