How Was Your Weekend?

How was your weekend? Attending any wedding ceremonies? Window shopping with yourself? Or whatnot. Honestly, I’ll never attend to any wedding ceremonies on rainy day, I’m just not into that. If on sunny days, not bad at all. 

I’m not kinda have a great weekend actually because of the cloudy and rainy here, I decided to go back to the  bed and cuddling with my blanket and get a great sleep. Okay just kidding. Mia woke up earlier so that mean me too, take a good care of cheeky little Mia oh then she was asleep while watching Upin Ipin Jeng Jeng Jeng like, 7:30 am then go back to sleep at 12:30 pm, well you know how kids, right?

I’m not planning to go to anywhere, just did my usual stuff at home, cleaning up the house, take care the baby, trying to update my blog while watching Cermin Kasih but didn’t get to. You know what, trying to update the blog while watching television and take care of my sleeping baby totally didn’t make the blog update immediately, just take your time when you in your room with a lovely music or something else and trying to update. 

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