Hyouka Ketiga: Urutan Kudryavka

Hyouka Urutan Kudryavka

Urutan Kudryavka (Kecurian di Pesta Kanya?!)

by Honobu Yonezawa

Book #3 in Classic Literature Club Series young adult, mystery, slice of life, japanese literature, light novel Published August 2017 by KADOKAWA GEMPAK STARZ SDN BHD
367 pages
Edition Language: Malay

Akhirnya Pesta Kanya yang dinantikan sudah tiba. Tetapi ada masalah besar telah berlaku di Kelab Sastera Klasik. Disebabkan kesilapan, antologi esei ‘Hyouka’ dicetak lebih dari sepatutnya. Ketika ahli kelab sibuk memikirkan jalan penyelesaian, kes kecurian aneh mula berlaku. Antara barang dicuri ialah batu Go, kad tarot dan pistol air… Jom selesaikan kes ini dan harumkan nama kelab! Matlamat kita ialah untuk menjual semua antologi ‘Hyouka’ . Adakah Oreki Houtarou dapat selesaikan misteri ini? Juumoji vs Kelab Sastera Klasik, kami persembahkan jilid ketiga siri terkenal ini!

I’m done by reading the third Classic Literature Club Series, Hyouka Ketiga : Urutan Kudryavka and ready to give my review of the book. It took me two hour to finish it. Not bad. Whatever it is, I’m happy thus feels unreal how come I can finish reading the book though it made me yawn over and over by reading the book. Please don’t misunderstand my line, I’m not saying that Honobu great books as a spiritless, indeed I thought Hyouka especially this one Urutan Kudryavka, I’m just always yawn when reading. I am very encouraged by the success of the Classic Literature Club members, Oreki Houtarou, Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi and Ibara Mayaka for selling almost all the Hyouka’s anthology besides completing the mystery that took place during the Kanya Festival.

In this third installment of Classic Literature Club Series, compared to the first two installment, I have to say that the case in this book it’s quite complicated. Thus, before this third installment, Honobu only write Oreki Houtarou as the only point of view of the book while in this one there are four different point of views which is Oreki Houtarou, Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi and Ibara Mayaka. Lucky me I got what I read cause sometimes I confused who the part is. I thought this one much easier, it helped to understand the other characters thoughts and because I can tell what they feel when they will face Kamiyama Cultural Festival, which is more well-known as Kanya Festa by the student. What the most interesting part is when Houtarou shout Satoshi’s name in one of the chapters. Okay there’s nothing to do with it but I still love the part.

The story begins with the Classic Club members being worried about the mistake that happened at their club, and how they’re going to deal with the problem during the three days of the Kamiyama Cultural Festival. Here, Honobu started writing different point of views, start with Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi, Oreki Houtarou and Ibara Mayaka. Honobu certainly deserves a round of applause when he including Chitanda Eru as a first point because as a curious citizen, I want to know more about Chitanda family history. Though the story line of the first chapter quite slow, I still consider to read without skipping any of them cause I can’t denies that I love when it comes to

When four of them trying to settle down the problem relates to the anthology that they’d works together alongside to spread the name of the club to to ensure the anthology was sold within three days of the festival by means of joining any activity organized by any clubs including radio broadcast club, but a strange things started to happen around the Classic Club members, where a thief called “Juumonji” stole the props of the clubs in Kamiyama High then leaving a note for them as proof of his action. Houtarou claimed that ‘Juumonji’ do that for fun when having his bento, trying to not look at Chitanda big ‘I’m curious’ eyes. The main problem is the anthology that which is printed above the amount they want so Satoshi told his idea of using Juumonji incident to resolve their problem.

For this reason, Oreki Tomoe play an important role by giving Houtarou a fountain pen, and later trading Houtarou’s hand mirror for a copy of “Abu di Senjakala”, which Houtarou later required to solve the Juumonji Incident. How I wish Honobu will write more about Oreki Tomoe in his next book (no kidding, he’s tweeted about the seventh volume)

Hyouka Urutan Kudryavka

I have a fondness for Houtarou by blackmail Juumonji and at the same time made him bought some of the anthology and sell it through the school’s website. Houtarou also made a plan for make sure students bought those anthology using Juumonji name. Somehow, I hate Ibara’s part. I get it why she’s won’t quit from Manga Club because her love for manga and she’s ingenious. She know how to draw, not only read the manga, she know what the best when it comes to manga but if I’m in her place, I’ll quit and focus on Classic Club only. Being in a club with a disaster club’s members will piss me off.

Well that’s all for now. I hope this average of review will make you want to buy Hyouka Ketiga : Urutan Kudryavka. Sorry for any shortcomings and thank you for reading .

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