Hyouka Pertama : Misteri 33 Tahun

Alright. Honestly, I started with Hyouka Kedua : Dalang Di Sebalik Tirai Kedua : Kenapa Tak Tanya Eba? after that I decided to read Hyouka first volume, Hyouka Pertama : Misteri 33 Tahun. It is the first volume of the Classic Literature Club series or in Malay, Kelab Sastera Klasik. Big thanks to Syazwani Sidek because of her, I had a chance to read Honobu Yanezawa’s masterpiece. You’re free to read this review in spite of the fact that you’re still not reading the book yet but if you don’t want read a review with the spoiler, please don’t.



Title : Hyouka Pertama : Misteri 33 Tahun
Cartoonist/Author : Honobu Yonezawa
Publication : Kadokawa Gempak Starz

Published : June 2017 — First published in Japan in 2001 by Kadokawa Corporation, Tokyo

Genres : Japanese Fiction, Young Adult,Mystery, Slice of Life

Translated by : Uepinmon
Source : Bought from Shoppee
Pages : 215

Edition : June 2017
ISBN : 9789674781767
Oreki Houtarou, seorang remaja kurang aktif yang tidak suka terlibat dalam apa jua aktiviti. Satu hari, rakan dari Kelab Sastera Klasik meminta  pertolongannya dan sejak itu, dia mula  menyelesaikan pelbagai misteri  pelik dalam kehidupan seharian mere; bilik kelas bertukar  menjadi bilik rahsia, buku sama dipinjam setiap minggu, remaja lelaki asyik menafikan  kewujudan koleksi karya yang sememangnya wujud dan kebenaran 33 tahun lalu tersembunyi  dalam antologi berjudul ‘Hyouka’. 
Menarik tapi pahit! Inilah kisah misteri remaja  yang menjadi permulaan siri ‘Kelab Sastera Klasik’. Sebuah karya debut bersejarah Honobu Yanezawa! 



Curiously about introvert person but it’s doesn’t matter to this time. But I just wonder if there’s someone like Houtarou out there? Who’s willing to avoid any interaction between others students, who’s will go home after done with school? Who doesn’t do anything that would waste of energy? In my school days, there are some students who’s quite introvert person but had a great academic achievement who’s got teachers and students attention by their academic , contrast to Houtarou who’s has a normal academic and lifestyle but always succeed to solved the mysterys of the time with his brilliant logical deductions.
All the characters in Hyouka book has different personalities which is made Hyouka more interesting and funny, like Chitanda Eru, she comes from a lineage of wealthy farmers, be a top grade student of the school and had a high curiosity of any mystery that brought to her but at the same time, she also a naive and clumsy. Meanwhile, Satoshi and Mayaka were Houtarou’s friends since middle school although he doesn’t get along with Mayaka due to Houtarou introvert, anti-social attitude, while Satoshi is a someone who is an attractive and spirited high school student who called himself as a human ‘database’



Before this I only heard that this novel tells about mystery and I randomly chosen to buy it from 7Eleven ( Hyouka Kedua : Dalang Di Sebalik Tirai Kedua : Kenapa Tak Tanya Eba? ) and after I read and realized how much great the book is, I’m very enthusiastic and eager to read the first volume then decided to bought Hyouka Pertama : Misteri 33 Tahun. Hyouka plot was interesting and have a legitimate line. Hyouka’s a novel which cover with nine chapters with a different titles. All those nine chapters was served with a great idea.



Honobu’s writing style is awesome, not a boring at all. He’s knows when to make my adrenaline flying through me when I read interesting part. I’d never read any mystery book before whether it’s Malay or English book, or from any language so this is my first time I’ve been reading a book with a mystery genre.



“Jika saya tidak perlu melakukan sesuatu, saya tidak akan melakukannya, tetapi jika saya perlu, saya akan melakukannya dengan cepat.”

“Saya ingin tahu!”


Satoshi. He’s such an interesting, always have a big smile on his face, and a happy go lucky high school boy but I don’t understand why he was secretly jealous of the introvert, Houtarou because for me, he is attractive enough to be himself. In other hand, Satoshi also made me feel annoyed with him. Or maybe not. Or maybe 50-50. He’s not brave enough to express his deep feeling to Ibara, the fourth member of the Classic Literature Club. But later on, he revealed that he does has feelings for Mayaka then start date with her in the spring of their second year. I already like him.



When I finished this book, I can’t believe it I managed to finish it up, because at first I was skeptical about the mystery book will make me sleepy and tired. But I didn’t. RM10 worth it, I got a new experience, although I don’t know much about Japanese language what’s mean by kanji and kana, but I was fine.

This light novel is suitable for you who wants to read light-mystery-related-book because it’s not like Detective Conan which is the story mostly involving the police. 😜

Happy Sunday and happy reading!

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