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Aku ingat hidup aku semuanya sugar and spice, where everything’s nice. Tapi sebenarnya kopi dan petai. Pahit dan tengik.


Selamat Hari Raya to all my silent reader. I’m done reading this just a few hours after I bought it at SMO Bookstore (pffft bulan puasa sepatutnya banyak baca Al-Quran) This 9th and the latest book from one of my favorite authors, Nurul Syahida. By reading the synopsis behind the book, I know this book is about arranged marriage, but not your so-typical arranged marriage storyline, hate at the first place, keep arguing with the partner and sweet-konon-habis-tangkap-cintan in the end. Maira, the protagonist, married at 22, divorced at 23.

Nurul Syahida, one of well known writers in Malaysia and all her books really my cup of tea, not so heavy storyline, not as cliche as other books although it is about serious and mature enough for me. Nurul Syahida said she’s dedicated her latest book, this sweet #KatererCinta to her best friend who’s handling catering company, saying how busy her life as a caterer, be in charge of food for any events such as wedding, baby shower and so on. How she can even handling foods and drinks on other wedding ceremonies while she still hasn’t married.

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The book is simply about Maira life story. How she survived after her stupid-moron husband, Annas leave her alone, broken-heart just because of another toxic-blonde girl. How hard she tries to get over him, get out from her comfort zone and building her career as a caterer with the support of her bestfriend, Hafsa. The timeline of the story is easy to understand. The writer already wrote down the period when the story is set up , for us to better understand the storyline .

I am, neither a married woman nor a widow myself but through this book, I learnt how hard be a widow. How hard the feeling when others learned about your status. How you have to survive in your life after what happened.

One thought on “Katerer Cinta Review

  1. farhana jafri says:

    Kesian jadi janda ni, tambah bila suami tinggalkan dan tak ambil tahu langsung pasal anak-anak. Not sure Maira ada anak ke tak but it must be hard for her. Masyarakat kita pula jenis salahkan perempuan bila bercerai. Tak semua penceraian tu buruk. Dalam kes Maira ni, bagus sangat dia tinggalkan anas tak guna tu & capai impian dia.

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