Kimi to Boku Anime Review

Kimi to Boku
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Title : Kimi to Boku / You and I / 君と僕 (MAL)
Genre : Slice of life, Comedy, School Life
Episode : 13
Release : 2011
Status : Completed
Studio : J.C.Staff

Summary :

Four childhood friends are in their second year at Homare High School: kind and cheerful Shun Matsuoka, hot-tempered Kaname Tsukahara, and the Asaba twins, gentle Yuuta and lazy Yuuki. When a dynamic transfer student, Chizuru Tachibana, joins their group, the friends get caught up in his creative yet troublesome ideas that end up bringing excitement to their everyday lives. With new encounters and experiences, they begin to learn more about each other and themselves

My personal rating on Kimi to Boku : 4.5 / 5

My thoughts on Kimi to Boku :

I know about this anime through YouTube when I watch this video, about funny anime moments, so I tried search on Google about Kimi to Boku and then watched this anime. Since slice of life is my most favorite genre of anime so don’t waste any time and I knew I would love it.

This anime setting up in the high school group of boys who knows each other during kindergarten and then a new student who joins them during their second year. It’s a quite typical story because of the high school stuff, love confession, convenience store, bread stickers, lunch time on rooftop, summer festival, popular boys who don’t realized about their popularity and friendship memories. The story started during spring, when Shun, Kaname, Yuuta and Yuuki start second year of high school.

For the characters, nothing much I can say. But it quite hilarious when I thought Shun is a girl at the first moment. This is because I see his long hair and his feminine side (the way he talk especially) compare to the others but I look again, I was like ‘oh she wears a boy school uniform’ and burst into laughter. Chizuru also mistake him as a girl, no matter how much the others told him Shun is a boy. I love Shun kind character but I found he’s too feminine to handle with. His facial expression is also girly but some girls love this type of guy. Despite Yuuta and Yuuki cut his hair during summer, I still can’t see Shun manly side.

I love the twin, Yuuta and Yuuki. Yuuta, the older brother, trying his best to not interfere with any choices of Yuuki made. In fact, he’s feel much better if Yuuki can decide by himself. Yuuta also is a kind of guy. This show during when a girl confessed to him and he’s not reject her and then go out with her after school. He and Shun in the same class and same club, Tea Ceremony Club. What I can see, Yuuta is the most mature than the others four. Thought he has the same facial expressions like his twin, Yuuki, Yuuta is more open and more popular than his little brother.

But I feel so relatable with Yuuki. If there were Going Home Club, I’ll happily join the club. Kaname, as a a Student Council member, and the Class Representative (who is in the same class with Chizuru and Yuuki) asks Yuuki to join any club to make sure he’s living his school life to the fullest. In the end, he’s decided to join Manga Society Club since he love manga and anime. Yuuki somehow remind me to Houtarou from Hyouka. Both of them don’t even bother about what happened around them and when the school time is over, they will go home. But Yuuki don’t ever bother to wear blazer during the school ceremony. What I like is despite his lazy passive attitude, Yukki is good at many things like cooking, games, judo and basketball but not-so-into them no matter how good he is. Except for study.

While Kaname, well.. Kaname is quite hot-temper and tried his best to carry on his duty. No matter how irritating his friends, especially Yuuta and Yuuki and Chizuru behavior, he’s keep trying to get together with them. During this season, it shows that Kaname has a crush on their kindergarten teacher and to his neighbor older sister during his high school. He’s also can’t wait to be an adult because he think being an adult is great.

The last one is Chizuru. He’s kinda loud and a little bit an idiot. He’s the blonde hair guy and mix of Germany and Japan. When he was small like five or six, he already came to Japan but not understand Japanese language but when he already seventeen, he’s already fluent in Japanese. Chizuru made an appearance on episode 3 which is for me is quite fast as I wish he would appear on episode 5 or 6 so I can know more about Shun, Yuuta, Yuuki and Kaname friendship. I don’t find any changes he made with his appearance except with his loud and stupid actions and he put nicknames for the boys and Masaki (first year student who has crush on Shun). Like, Yuuta as Yuutan, Yuuki as Yukki, Shun as Shun-chan despite Shun-kun and Kaname as ‘Kanamecchi’, while he call Masaki, Mary.

While all side characters do their best no to overshadow main characters. Masaki, Rina, Kayo, Azuma Sensei and many more is good at play apart except Azuma Sensei. I don’t know much about Azuma Sensei and also Rina. After going out together with Yuuta and Yuuta knew what actually happened, I don’t see any development in their relationship. I wish they can show more the story of the characters although they only side characters, what happened to them after the moment that happened between them.

For the opening and ending songs, the team of studio made a good choice of the songs. Bye Bye by 7!! as opening and Nakimushi by Miku Sawai fit very well with the warmth of the anime. I knew 7!! always makes a great anime OST especially Naruto and they also do the same on this anime.

For me, Kimi to Boku is one of those relaxing and calming anime. There’s no huge loop holes or any plot twist that’s can make you got nervous when watch it. I found Kimi to Boku is kinda similar to Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge . Both of them have not-so heavy story but still laughable and comfort. If wanna enjoy some good anime with simplicity of the art style and story line, this anime is for you.

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  1. comel lah perangai Yuuki ni. Banyak benda dia minat buat except for study, sejenis budak art kot