Lazada 11.11 Blogger Contest: The Biggest One Day Sale!

Lazada 11.11 Blogger Contest

Say hi to November 1st 2018 and Lazada 11.11 The Biggest One Day Sale!

My family and I most favorite shopping online, Lazada now makes their crazy 11.11 Shopping Festival ( that will take place on 11 November 2018 on Lazada Malaysia

We loves shopping. Especially online shopping. Just scroll down, adding to chart choose what you want, make a payment through 7-Eleven or transfer the money through online and wait for the stuff . Somebody please tell me who doesn’t love shopping, I bet nobody will say ‘I hate shopping’ because everybody loves it okay. Everyone just loves to shopping whether they admit it or not.

I feel so blessed to Lazada with this 11.11 Shopping Festival. The Biggest One Day Sale is here guys! Why you  will never say no to this The Biggest One Day Sale:-

  • Price as low as RM1,
  • Discounts up to 90% off,
  • Collectible vouchers worth RM11,000,000, Slash It and Shake It

What 3 products (or more) are you adding to your cart to buy during Lazada 11.11 Shopping Festival? Share your wishlist with us! 

Of course there’s more than three products *evil laugh* when it comes to woman, dear. Maybe I could say my wishlist on Lazada is quite a lot. A little bit of this, little bit of that, which is when you combine all of them, it will be quite A LONG LIST. I wish my future husband will be patient with my evil lust. But today I decided to go with 5 only, which quite good choice.

Back to the topic.

1. NIVEA [MUST HAVE] Hydration Rescue Set

Hydration is the key – Maisarah Mahmud. She is one of my favorite twitter user and I loves scrolling down her tweets about skincare tips and routine. Thanks to her, now I’m more focused on hydration on my skin, not only on my face but my body too instead of brightening.

This Nivea limited edition set contains face wash, body lotion and lip balm. With this set size (I’m talking about body lotion) which makes it easier for traveling although I’m not traveling most of the time, but according to my sister character (I think she should be a travel blogger), I know someday I’ll need this.

2. Carlo Rino 0304250B-502 Cross Body Wallet

Now let’s move to Carlo Rino. Look at the cutest wallet with the puzzle-thingies on the front of the wallet. Carlo Rino knows how to impress me. Fufufu.

3. NUTOX Solar Protect Sunscreen SPF45 PA+++ 30ML

Let’s me say this, I’d never apply any sunscreen on my skin although I have been reading a lot of beauty blogs that say how important to use sunscreen on our skin. In fact, I don’t know much about sunscreen. I just give attention to cleanser and moisturizer. I only think that we only need to wear sunscreen when we are outing with friends or family on weekends, but after read Sunblock & Sunscreen 101 by Sis Iman post, well I guess I’ll need one.

4. (Online Exclusive) ASUS Vivobook S430U-N /14″/I5-8250U/4G[ON BD]/256G/2VG/W10/BACKPACK

I created this blog with my smartphone because my laptop broke down. I think it will be fine for blogging with laptop because it quite hard to blog with the phone, I have some problem to blog with smartphone though it looks like a I don’t have any problem with.

With a fancy design plus with the gold cozy and warm color, my mood for blogging will increase. And it will look cool enough to use this one.

5. ASUS Zenpower Pro 10050 mAh

On Google to blogwalking, scroll down Instagram just to stalk to my crush and some celebrities, listening to music few minutes hours absolutely will make my battery life. With only weights at just 230g and compact size, with the help of the reviewers,

This is my second zenpower pro.My 1st zenpower 2016 is still working fine. Its build quality is outstanding, i even dropped it many times.

😍😍😍. Maybe I should buy two of them, one for me and another one for my Umi. I sure this powerbank will be perfect for me. There’s two choices of the colours, pink and green and I choose green instead of pink one. Why green? First, green is earth color, not really my favorite color but sometimes I just love it. I know pink is cute color but nothing bad with the green one.

So, all of you already know what in my chart, my eye-ing products on Lazada. So, I want to  nak seru dekat semua blogger untuk join contest yang dianjurkan oleh Lazada ni so that you may have the opportunity to win a generous gifts that Lazada offers.

The most interesting part is the prizes. *drum roll*

Join and get a chance to win one RM1,111, RM150 or RM100 Lazada voucher!
100 lucky winners:
  • 1st Prize: 1 x RM1,111 cash voucher
  • 2nd Prize: 11 x RM150 cash vouchers
  • 3rd Prize: 88 x RM75 cash vouchers

Get creative to win one of the creativity prizes up to additional RM600! 3 posts will be selected among the participants by an internal Lazada committee to award vouchers worth RM1,000.

Creativity prizes:

  • 1st Prize: 1 x RM500 cash voucher
  • 2nd Prize: 1 x RM250 cash voucher
  • 3rd Prize: 1 x RM100 cash voucher

Started on 1st November – 11th November

If you fascinated by this contest and want to join it, feel free to click —> Lazada Blogger Contest right now.

Happy shopping online with Lazada *insert a lot of kiss emoji*

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