Lucca Vudor Comes with Comfy but Attractive Designs

Posted on May 28, 2022 in Lifestyle

Hi. Guess who trying to update her blog while fighting with the unstable emotions aka mood swings? It’s me. Hehee. How are you? How your day? Yay or nay? For me, it’s still good because I got a new SHOES. It’s sandals by the way haha.

Shoes is not something that I will buy for once in a month. Sometimes I will buy it for every six months or when my old ones is not in so good condition, then I’ll be like ‘Okay… time to buy a new ones’. If you have a lot of money (like A LOOOOTTTTT NO KIDDING) you can buy a pair or two for every month, but not me. So, people like us, we will see whether shoes is worth to buy;- the price tag, how comfy your foot is while wearing it, and so on.

Whatever it is, I got a new pair of shoes from Lucca Vudor.

This is my first time I wearing shoes from Lucca Vudor. At first, I was like which one I should choose, sandals or high heels because for me high heels will looks better, gorgeous and pleasant especially when I pair it with the baju kurung, abaya or any long dress. But I know myself better than others. I can’t stand with high heels haha. Sadly yes. So I made a decision to choose Saloma sandal.


And to look different than usual, I choose pink instead of typical color like black or brown. When I wearing this, I feels kinda girlish or perempuan melayu terakhir. Saloma sandal only available in two colors, blue black and pink. If you prefer dark color, you can choose blue black. In my case, I only choose the pink one because I think I can match it with my dark color of my clothes.

My mom decided to go to picnic at the beach, so I decided to wear this sandal (though I’m in denial whether I should wearing it at the beach but then I just wore it), plus my long sleeve shirt in light nude color and dark blue palazzo jean, turns out I really like the outfit. But I’m sorry if picture isn’t clear as it should, I cropped a lot of it.

I love it.

Good news is Lucca Vudor Saloma Sandal is on the sale from $129 to $99 which is around RM437 only. The price tag is totally worth with the comfy they offers. Saloma sandal size available from 35 to 41. About the size just choose your own size (for real).

I got a funny part about the size, I take a measure in centimeters,of course, using my umi tape measure and with my pea-brained plus my high confidence level (as same as the caffeine level in my body), without seeking for help from others about it, I got the wrong size. I should take 36 instead of 37, but the difference is not that bad, but it fit my sister better than me (she tried it yeah, and said the sandal looks so good and comfortable). I also eyeing Saacha, look cute too.

If you confused whether you should get a shoes from Lucca Vudor, my answer is yes. Just go and get while you can.



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