Make Money With Cashzine !

A lot of you trying to get a extra income, not only depending on your husband’s income or your full time job and so on. Maybe some of you may think that you can do something that not need to use a lot of energy as well as in easy peasy way but of course still got a money. There’s this apps called Cashzine where you guys just need to read any type of articles from any categories like food, health, sport, news and so on. Just read and share it and make money.

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5 stars

For me, of course this is the most interesting apps and perfect enough for me to get my side income just by reading ONLY. Since me myself loves reading and yeah who doesn’t like reading, isn’t? Imagine

Then how to use Cashzine?

Firstly, just install Cashzine apps from Playstore for Android users or AppStore if you are Apple users. Don’t worry because Cashzine is a spectacular free apps to install in your smartphone.

Just click Create An Account then fill in all those details and walahhh you can start choose your favorite categories and start earn coins aka money by reading any articles that’s good for you. Tip for you if you want more extra coins, just share any articles you read on Twitter, Whatsapp, Facebook or any platforms.

Next, you go to ME section then click Enter Invitation Code then enter my code 1416763 as below to get 800 free coins.

800 coins = RM0.80.

Just keep reading, scrolling down to get enough 1000 coins and withdraw the money. It is possible that you will thinking about “1000 coins for RM1?? How hard.” Same with me. I have thought the same thing before, but without realize it or not, I keep reading, scrolling and sharing then, I got more coins.


What’s mostly I love about Cashzine?

Of course this one. Keep on reading articles on Cashzine on your free time everyday and you will get free coins. Start with the 5 coins on the first day, 10 coins on the second and third days, 15 coins on the fourth and fifth of days and the next ones you will get 20 free coins.

Not forget to mention about how fast they’re replying your email if you have any questions or concerns regarding their apps. Everyone loves fast action, right?


There’s it is. If you’re still curious about Cashzine, feel free to ask me by leave a comment below, or you can click contact me. Or you guys can email your questions to Cashzine by yourself at

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