Me & Saturday

Morning and alhamdullillah by the way,  I ain’t gonna be a monster yet but I think it’s must be missing-my-blog-and-trying-to-update symptoms although I will update with annoying blog entry so sorry. It is already December 3 and we’ll say goodbye to December then say hi to new year, 2017. Time flies way too fast.
Saturday = December 3 and as the same Saturday as always, my Saturday that not be a great day for sure.  It’ll be a same hectic day on weekend plus it is a raining month when we talked about December so, what I suppose to do when it’s come to ‘raining’ word? Of course get a cup of hot green tea or coffee and read a book and waiting for Hindustan movie on 2 pm or get on slumber. Turn on the fan,  get a blanket and laying down on your bed ohh nothing better than that. Heaven.
Sometimes, I will watching Shin Chan with my younger brother >.< hei I’m only wanna be a great eldest sister only okay.
If you’d accompany your brother and watching television show together, well done. You’re a gr[eat] sister.

10 thoughts on “Me & Saturday

  1. Erni,

    Mohon maaf sebab saya terdelete komen u di entry saya bertajuk, ISTERI YANG TIDAK PERNAH MEMBEBEL WALAUPUN ……..

    Tidak sengaja. Maaf ye.

    Tolog comment semula kat situ mungkin pembaca nak juga tau. Thanks Erni Hasmiza.

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