Me & Thursday

I’m trying to re-update my blog posts with the cold weather, it’s not that cold outside, I’m just turned on my fan with listening to Fireworks – Daoko and pretend to be in the cold weather and wearing my long-sleeved shirt. 
I keep thinking about an image to put on this post and laptop-and-cup-of-coffee or maybe IPod Touch gold color will be better but why not your favorite food, donuts, right. Hahaha. Right now, I’m reading this and this, I even can’t help myself, but scrolling down these things really makes my day. I’m not thinking about IPhone X or IPhone 7 or IPhone 7 Plus anymore but only IPhone 8, urgh what’s wrong with me T_T. Maybe I should make a Wish List for 2018 and put them as one of my wishes that can’t get it forever and ever T_T, how pathetic.
Whatever so on, how your December? Everything’s good or not? Share with me. 

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