My Ultimate Blogging Apps

My Favorite Blogging Apps

My Favorite Blogging Apps
Photo by Jessica Lewis from Pexels

Salam and greetings to you all. Today I will share with you, my beloved readers, my favorite apps that I use for blogging and why it’s worth it to install on your phone and use for your blog. This is my own opinion.


I use Snapseed to put a watermark on the photos, adjust any of the others like brightness, highlight etc. So far, I literally just use it for basic photo editing since I am not so good into editing, like I am. I thought this is the only app I love to use since it isn’t a complicated, free, flexible, simple and self-explanatory application not only for beginners but also professional photographers out there. I don’t use a lot of similar apps on my smartphone due to the similarity and I hate seeing my phone lag simply because of similar editing apps. There’s more I can explore through Snapseed, trying to improve and impress myself to photo editing skills.

Install Snapseed : iOS Android 

Google Document 

Guess who’s stuck with a writing slump when she opens WordPress’ new post and struggles with updating the whole draft? I AM. 

I can’t write any goods because I don’t even know how to keep myself distracted by the other things. You should write a new post but you can’t do that because you keep checking out any theme and plugin for your blog. I know that’s an unhealthy obsession. So what should I do? I decided to install Google Docs. Little by little, I realized this is the best decision I’ve ever made. I can use it with or without internet connection. Of course when I need to copy all the things I’ve done to the WordPress, I need to fix here and there but it doesn’t even bother me. Plus it’s free, simple to use and my favorite part is the spelling function :p

Install Google Docs : iOS Android

Google Analytics 

I can’t say that I don’t care about my blog traffic. I write about anything that I love, that is why I also hope that my posts will answer your curiosity about skincare products. Although I’m not obsessed with the whole bunch of traffic thingies, they are still important to me. I know you guys know how much your blog traffic matters to you, right? No matter how much little 

With this app, enough with total pageviews, bounce rate, find out the organic traffic. Of course it isn’t more advanced than the website itself but I find it still good to use.

Install Google Analytics : iOS Android

Lit Photo 

To reduce the disk usage (wordpress user), I need a simple app for resizing and compressing any photos for my blog. LitPhoto is perfect for me because it’s one of the apps that’s easy to use. Plus not only using this app, I also install Smush plugin to reduce the size of the images when I upload it to the WordPress. This is important to make sure my blog runs smoothly and better. At the moment I started converting to the WordPress platform, I kept Google about any tips and tricks I can do to make sure my blog does not take so long to load. Resizing and compressing is one of popular tricks that others kept talking about in their blog. Thanks to Inche Naim for sharing his blog knowledge of the resizing and compressing to the newbie like me. 

Install LitPhoto : iOS Android 

Google Keep Notes

Last but not least, Google Keep Notes. In this app, I keep lists of blog ideas, my bloglist, any skincare products I need to review, anime I done watching (nothing to do with my blog), my to-do, books that I need to review and more. And yes, I keep the bloglist here too. That’s why there’s no bloglist on my blog sidebar. I think that’s way much better. What I like about this app, the changeable background color. For example, for my to-do list, I chose gray as the background color while for the to-be-read list I chose yellow color, so it’s a useful colorful app if you love any simple and colorfully app. 

Install Google Keep : iOS Android 

So, that’s all. What apps do you use for your blog? Mind sharing with me, because sharing is caring *coughing*. Again stay safe, and keep blogging. 

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