My Four Favorite Fashion Items


While I’m just chilling, having a cup of hot tea and listening to Ed Sheeran, I decided to share with you my four favorite fashion items because I know how much any readers will love it. I’ll also include my suggestions and links of the pieces which will hopefully help you. Let’s get started.

1. Skinny Jean

I definitely adore skinny jeans. They’re definitely the type of jeans that suits with any tops and make me looks better :

2. Crossbody Bag / Purse

Crossbody bag is a must have items in my wardrobe. It’s suitable with everything and I think they’re so pretty and fashionable. This is my favorite ones :
3. Sneakers

If you ask me, I’ll choose sneakers instead of high heels. So comfortable and it will not make my feet hurt and the perfect footwear. I loves sneakers and call myself a ‘sneaker girl’, wearing a high heel will make you look beautiful but wearing a sneaker will make you look cool. Here are the links to my favorite sneakers :

4. Long Sleeve

I loves long sleeve shirts or dresses. In my opinion, the long sleeve shirts never goes out of style, whether it basic shirts, printed shirts, flannel shirts and etc. And of course the simple and comfortable at the same time. :
So,  that’s all for today. Hopefully you can share with me your favorite fashion items.

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