Neelofa, My Idol and Why I Adore Her.

Neelofa or Lofa, is my first favorite idol. I wish I could be like her too. By the way, I just write this post for fun.


Why I adored her so much?

First at all, it isn’t because she’s Kelantanese like me. I know certain, no not a certain but a tons of Kelantanese always say ‘Neelofa is Kelantanese, I’m pretty proud of her being a Kelantanese’. Not forget people who started saying that Kelantan always have a beautiful women. Urghh please.

Let’s make this clear, I hate those people. I honestly hate those people. Because of their outrageous statement which makes me feeling disgusted and if there’s a delete button for the people like them, I’ll happily to be a first person who click on the button.

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Let’s go back to the topic .

1. Natural Beauty

You read it right. Me as a woman, adore beauty of other women. Neelofa is one of them. I don’t think she needs to wear thick make up, just a simple as that is better for her.

2. Stylish

I love her before and after she wears hijab but I’m not into turban, then I wish she would be as sweet as before. You know, wearing tudung bawal and shawl. Also not forget to trying to draw her hijab,  so do us. I know she’s wearing shawl sometimes, but I wish she could wear it better.

3. Confidence

She had it while I don’t. I want to be a someone who confident in myself. Brave. Dare to make decisions in my life. She doesn’t give a damn care about what people say or think about her and now look at her.

4. Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia

“I want to use my success as an example to inspire women not just to make money but also to have good confidence in themselves, be strong and not necessarily rely on men,”

Despite what she has done before (launched a new collection at Zouk) I’d still adore her and not forgetting about her vacation which is making me feel so bad about myself, but then I thought about “what will be happening with me if I was there? On vacation in the undersea villa which costs around RM200,00. Can I get some sleep?” Hahaha don’t think so. Maybe I will stay awake till morning.

Thanks for dropping by and read the post.

So, who’s your idol and why you adore her/him? One more, why people always compare her to Fazura? Can you answer me? Feel free to share with me and kinda leave your comment about it below. 👇

6 thoughts on “Neelofa, My Idol and Why I Adore Her.”

  1. Ohh sorry lah Siqah tak minat Neelofa. Tapi bolehlah suka jugak tengok dia kat Meletop. Suka tengok kejayaan dia juga. Dia yakin dalam apa saja yang dia buat.

    Bab compare dengan Fazura sebab pasal si Fattah lah 😂

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