November 2018

December means the last month of the year, my sister birthday, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, school holidays,  and so on.

I decided to make a new kind of post on my blog which is called as monthly summary posts. I decided to because I always monthly summary of the best for my blog. So this kind of post start on Monday, rambling about November stories, up and down, what I was watching, where I was going etc etc etc. In fact, that’s my niche in the blogosphere, lifestyle blogger, so monthly summary suits me.

So because of this is my first time writing this kind of post, it’s quite hard for me. Whatever, let’s make it clear, start with what I watched in November.

More like re-watch cause I don’t know what’s new movie I should watch, first May Who. One of my favorite Thailand movie. Funny, awesomeness of the story line, cuteness overload hero (awww). This movie was great and etc etc etc. The ‘Electro-shock-chick’ kind of girl who release an electrical charge when she’s excited.

I’m also re-watch Naked Weapon too. Say hi to Daniel Wu ❤❤❤

Next, my family and I was going to Animation World Exhibition at Kelantan State Museum. Release tension, relaxed and happy for Damia and myself too, because I can snap a tons of pictures and Damia can play with the toys and looking at the Mickey and Minnie Mouse mascot. But unfortunately I can’t believe there’s no Cam & Leon mascots. I know I know I sound like a 5 years old kid, but as a babysitter who always stuck with babies, watching kids shows like Upin Ipin and Cam & Leon (there’s more than that), I think it’s normal for me.

When I scrolled down Dunia Animasi Malaysia I’m truly blessed to by reading the reviews of this exhibition, some wrote a good reviews and other people quite down in the dumps with the exhibition, but it’s hard to please everyone. But overall my family and I was satisfied with the exhibition.

Last but not least, Lawak Kampus. I love Keith even more, day by day. Keep it up Keith, your masterpieces can’t stop me from burst into laughter and joy lah.

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My working life? So far so good. I can’t say there’s no problem at all but we can’t expect that’s there’s always a rainbow. Life is not just rainbows and butterflies after all. Especially when it comes to working life . When it comes to working with the babies , surrounding by the babies crying, laughing, pooping and etc etc. Sometimes when I felt extremely tired, I’ll say to myself ‘there’s more to come, a lot of people out there who have worst situation than you,  so this is nothing at all because people always make mistakes’

So,  how was your November?

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