Personal Blog or Blogger? (Business Profile)


Happy weekend everyone. How was your day? Yay or nay? Haha I hope everyone had a great day for today and tomorrow and forever with a delicious meal and with your beloved ones.
It’s already been a while since I updated my blog anyway, with a last entry this, so tonight I decided to update my blog with a plate of gorgeous paprik fried rice and teh tarik at Restaurant Cinta Selera with my family (Pantai Cahaya Bulan, you guys)

I already changed my Instagram profile from personal profile to business profile maybe 2 years ago I think after I made my page on Facebook. This is a huge Instagram trend right now, which is come up with Business Profile, and can help you sell your products, drive traffic, grow your email list and so on. Of course, it’s have pros and cons of type of Instagram profile, whether it’s in personal or business ones. 

I just chilling change the category for my profile from Personal Blog to Blogger because I think it’s cool though. I don’t know.. It’s just a clingy part of myself. But don’t worry, Personal Blog or Blogger category isn’t a biggy problem. You know your choice, do you? 

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