Plain Jane & Baby Bro

I’m just read a novel before which is I buy it through online, for the first time. Actually I’m already read this novel for several times and I love it. Plain Jane by Nurul Syahida totally awesome as always like any Nurul Syahida’s novels. And I know I should make a review of this novel since I love it and I would love to share with you about my love.

By the way,  my brother wants find a job for him *it’s school break already* and he’s tried to be an adult already by got a job although he’s just sixteen just to buy a new smartphone for himself.  But you know how teen is.  Haha.  He’s never got any job yet.  Isk isk.  Poor you baby bro *loudly laughing* by the way I’m proud of you, brother.
Okay I’m pretty much got a missing-the-blog-and-wanna-update-my-blog-like-so-much symptoms .

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