Plain Jane Review

Title : Plain Jane 
Author : Nurul Syahida 
Pages : 364
Price : RM 16.90
Publisher : Buku Prima 
I bought this novel through online and it’s takes almost a week to arrived and totally worth the waiting. I’m tried to find this Plain Jane at all bookstore in Kota Bharu but I can’t find it, of course because the book was published in 2008 and no wonder it’s quite hard to get it. So, the best decision I have ever made is bought it thru online.
Plain Jane was a second book by Nurul Syahida which is the best ones I’ve ever read. Plain Jane follows story of Balkis, Zaniel and her family and friends, which is come with Balkis met Zaniel and changed her life 100%. It’s started when she was doing a group project but isn’t going very well when Zaniel accused Balkis of trying to cheating on people by pretending to be a paralysis person. Then they were meet again and again and hooked up and being a like Romeo-Juliet sweet Malay version couple. The romance between Balkis and Zaniel is told from Balkis’s of view as she narrated the story from cover to cover.
It’s all started when Balkis accentuating Zaniel than her family,  friends, and her study too which makes her feel depressed. It’s also made her relationship with Lilee and Apis Milo become into soured and fall to pieces.
Balkis then realized her mistake and trying to breakup with Zaniel at the same time Zaniel proposed her which is makes him fed up with her and trying to mollify her and failed when Balkis asked him her full name. She also say sorry to her family and friends and Apis Milo and been better, she also hooked up with Apis Milo.
This book told me about trying to love yourself first then loves the other one is really important. What is meant by love the other one is you have to loves her or him by all,  accepting their weaknesses and all of the top. Not ever thought about to trying change her or him from head to toe.
I’m also know what the feeling to built a new life with a  rich person but what is the point when they’re trying to change you to be like them, dress up like them,  walk around like them,  these things that you’re off the beaten track, that word which is called as an awkward.
Just loves your beloved partner as well as the first one, accept them as who they are, good and bad as how Apis Milo accept Balkis as she is, he knows Balkis very well unlikely Zaniel who is trying to change Balkis from who she is.
Quote of the Plain Jane
Kadang-kadang kita perlukan drama dalam hidup untuk menambahkan rencah dalam cerita yang bakal kita ulang kepada anak cucu. Khir adalah ‘bunjut dalam sup’ hidup aku ini,  ia menambahkan rasa namun bukan untuk ditelan.
Awak ikut protokol dan awak rasa memberitahu saya yang awak cintakan saya dan mendapat pengesahan yang saya cintakan awak adalah cara bercinta yang ideal.  Kadang-kadang kita tak perlu menyebut ‘Saya Cintakan Awak’ untuk memberitahu seseorang yang memang kita cintakan dia. Cukup dengan hanya menunjukkannya,  mengambil tahu,  memahami.
Aku tak perlukan fantasi itu. Semudah itu untuk menjadi diriku.
Rating : 5 stars.

9 thoughts on “Plain Jane Review”

  1. Macam menarik novelnya.. tak pernah baca lagi novel daripada author ni.

    Mana nak beli ek erni? 🙂

  2. Beli online je siqah, dari laman web buku prima

  3. Ooo online buku prima.. okay. Thank you erni 🙂 Nak mengenali zaniel jugak gayanya 😀

  4. Mas says:

    Waaah..agak2nya kalau sy baca buku nie mesti berangan tak sudah nanti..hahaha..just accept the reality yg angan tak seindah kenyataan..hahaha..

  5. hai, suka tengok blog awak. kemaaaassss je, pakai template apa ek? Nak buat jugak. hahahaha… btw, plain jane best novel ever kan? >_o

  6. Really? Thanks..btw saya guna gigi template. Plain Jane the best ever haha tapi tu la kesian sgt dgn zaniel sebab in the end Balkis dengan Apis Milo jugak T^T

  7. Tu la kan.. orang kaya sesame kaya, biasa sesama biasa –> Realiti.

  8. Abam Kie says:

    I hope I will have time to read a novel…

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