Ramadhan 2018

This post should publish last week but I’m lose consciousness of the post so that’s why I posted it today, I know I’m kinda late to the party but never late than never, right? 
Say hi to sahur, iftar, terawih and also bazaar Ramadhan *big smile*. By the way, I’m writing this short post to wish you all the best for me, you and us, who’ll celebrates Ramadhan with family and friends. I hoping for finest moment of Ramadhan as well as attempt to make it better than before. All the best, y’all. I also want to apologize if I have been hurting you guys through my writing, conversation and endeavor.  
Remember, when it’s come to Ramadhan, from dawn to sunset, say no to food, drink, and sexual activity (husband and wife). Trying to change for better in this Ramadhan and please steadfastness and consistent, in other words, istiqamah with the change. I mean, if you’re trying to stop smoking, do it now. Please don’t do this, stop smoking at day light, and then after iftar you smoke again, it’s not istiqamah, people. If you’re woman, and want to started this Ramadhan by put an effort to cover yourself better, just do it. Please don’t do it only in Ramadhan then when Ramadhan gone, you’re back to your old ugly side. Just don’t do that. Remember, istiqamah.

Ramadhan 2018 will start in the evening of Wednesday 16 May and ends in the evening of Thursday 14 June, so I’ll be celebrating my birthday, 11 June in Ramadhan, sweet huh? 

13 thoughts on “Ramadhan 2018

  1. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan Erni ❤
    Hope all of us can improve to be the better version of ourselves starting THIS Ramadhan.
    May Almighty Allah ease everything for us.
    As for your birthday fall in 11 June, okay ape iftar makan kek xD

  2. huhu jangan la dilarang sexual activities tu sebab its a part of human need. Anyway, selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan. Semoga amalan dan ibadah kita diterima dan diberkati

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