Rooftop Rant by Hlovate

Rooftop Rant Book Cover Rooftop Rant
Malay fiction
Jemari Seni
February 2009

...kalau tidak ia meracun
...walau hanya pada awan-awan

Mereka berbicara di atas bumbung
Episod hidup memang berbeza, tapi cerita mereka masih selari!

Allah takkan bebankan hambaNya dengan apa yang dia tak mampu

Hidup tak selalunya lawa
Tak selalu ada pelangi
Kalau nak kata a bed of roses pun, duri-durinya tetap ada
Kadang-kadang...bilamana malapetaka itu datang,
terasa macam kena gelek ke bumi dek ahli sumo
Rasa macam dah tak mampu bangkit
Rasa macam dah tak mampu hela nafas

Dengarkan HLOVATE berbicara:
tentang hikayat Rooftop Rant dari puncak Wisma Topaz ini...
tentang Trisy dan Jade...
tentang bukit yang sayup di depan
tentang angin yang membawa salam di belakang
tentang lang sewah yang berlegar
tentang deretan kenderaan yang bersesak-sesak di bawah
dan mereka terus bercerita...
sesudah berani meruntuhkan tembok hati dan dinding rasa

mampukah dibeli tangga-tangga untuk mencapai cita-cita?

ini cerita sebuah bicara
bicara bumbung namanya...

You call it boring
You call it drama
You call it cliche
You call it too much spice
As for me,
I call it life
Welcome aboard

A story between Trisy & Jade. Both of them have a different lifestyle, interested and dream. But they’d have a likeness in their life that’s why Hlovate wrote Episod hidup memang berbeza, tapi cerita mereka masih selari!
Rooftop Rant is a masterpiece. Yes I call it masterpiece. Not boring, drama, cliche or too much spice. Let’s me be honest, I like Jade because of he’s wearing glasses not because of he’s cartoonist, have a dream to be a cartoonist, being a cartoonist is only part of it. I  like characters wear glasses, for me a characters with glasses are cool, awesome with their own way.  So do Jade. When I read Rooftop Rant, I imagined Keith (Lawak Kampus) as Jade (⌒o⌒). About Trisy ermm let’s it be a secret. Buk Jah also my favorite character. With her kind-heart keep saying Trisy’s parents busy with work because they have to do that for family sake too.
My favorite part in Rooftop Rant is when both of them talked to each other about life, dream and everything in between on the rooftop. When Trisy overdose and need to hospitalized, Jade still visited her at hospital  although she’s gave Jade a shameful moment by non-stopping sing Wonderwall song until she’s discharged. I also adore when Trisy further her degree at Uni of Aberdeen in Biomed. How she’d tried harder to study while remembered her memories with Jade, tried to avoiding Lekiu, someone who’s adore and in love with Trisy when he’s met her at Kukup Golf Resort and when he’s met her at KMS for the second time. Trisy scared Lekiu can’t accept her due her past and still waiting for Jade. Few years didn’t meet Jade, feel drowsy and stressful with her family attitude, brought herself to another place instead of returning to her family’s home in Shah Alam, but finally she returned after Jade managed to persuade her to go home. Everybody tried to called and persuaded her but pointless. Only Jade, not her Pak Su, Buk Jah or Jazz, her brother.
Hlovate’s awesomeness can’t be copied by another writers, because she has her own writing style, different from others, if you’re already read her books you’ll know her style.

6 thoughts on “Rooftop Rant by Hlovate”

  1. macam nak try baca tapi macam malas sebab takut cliche. Ada masa nanti nak try baca lah 🙂

  2. banyak juga review buku sini.. leh lepak sokmo.. kite follow sini dulu..

  3. Hlovate always the best ! ")

  4. biyu.faten says:

    I always keep Rooftop Rant whenever I am away for semester studies ._. It helps whenever I feel like there is a lot of things going on with my studies, I will open and read this one particular page where Wak Duku talked about how we should have a big dream; along with determination and hard work to achieve it.

    But I somehow left it at home for this semester ugh. Rooftop Rant is my favourite among the others Hlovate’s books 😀 Trisy and Jade is such an ideal too, they didn’t get into love-kinda-relationship straight away at first pun hahaha, I like that ‘apa salahnya?’ when her pak cik ‘proposed’ to Jade.

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