Sanggupal, stand for sagu and gumpal. Actually, I don’t know how to write the ‘real’ word of sanggupal. I only type the word because that how exactly I pronounce it *big smile emoji*. It is the sagu in round shape with the white sauce btw !
When I was searching for ‘sanggupal’ keyword on Google, there was a lot of links about the sanggupal recipe and whatnot. And for the first time I’ve ever know another names for sanggupal because I’m never bother to ask my Umi about it . All I know is eat and eat. Hahaha. Some of them said, they’d have sanggupal and put some green beans in it, I don’t know how it’s taste with green beans in it because as I can remember that I just eat it without any beans in it. Not even Mr. Bean.  But when I was younger, I did the sanggupal and butir nako and also onde onde with my late grandmother ( I called Nenek for belah Umi and I called Mok for belah Abah)  whenever Ramadhan as I can remember. 

But, do not expect so much. I’m not posting the recipe but maybe later,  I don’t know. I can’t promise with you, for this time.
Some on these posts said, is difficult to get those sanggupal unless when we’re in the month of Ramadan. I didn’t even know about other how hard it is to get sanggupal except myself, for me it is quite easy to get sanggupal, seri muka, bubur pulut hitam (the most delicious ever, I heard the recipe from Indonesia, is it?)  and so on big thanks to abang *I don’t know what your name lah* but Umi always bought sanggupal and bubur pulut hitam from him for breakfast. See, we’re not only eat these foods when Ramadhan only, but we’re also eat these foods almost everyday. Proud with myself. No, more like proud with Umi cause she volunteered herself to bought any my favorite foods for the breakfast. 
So,  thanks a lot umi for the kuih muih. (I always makes tea for breakfast) 

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