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I have to admit that I addicted to shopping thru online. Unbelievable, I also buy my skincare products thru Guardian online right now because err because I’m a little bit lazy tho. It’s all Plain Jane fault. Because I bought her through online and I felt so much good on it. Well,  you don’t have to get ready to waiting the bus or asked your abah help to accompany you to buy something. Not anymore. 
So, get back to the topic I knew this apps through Namee Roslan blog and thanks Kak Namee by the way. Shopee have everything in between. From head to toe, from makeup to clothing and accessories and technology. Awesome.
What I like about Shopee apps is, if you buy any products and make a payment, Shopee protects us by releasing the payment to the seller upon buyer confirming receipt of the order. Once us (the buyer) accepts the order, the payment will be released to the seller. Meaning, our money safe with Shopee. And if we received wrong products or damage products or we don’t receive our products, we can request refund/return product before our payment released to the seller , I mean before you tap on Accept Order. Then,  you got your money back.

So, if you have preloved items, you can sell it here. It’s easy apps I have ever. And I bet you know what I am.
 A night owl. 

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