Single Woman

How was your day? Hope you guys have a great day today with your family, friends and whoever and I’m sorry for not being able to update my blog lately. Sometimes I wonder how another bloggers can update their blog often with a great blog posts T_T why I can’t be like them,  that.  Back to the track, do you know what the best decision I ever made in the life? Stay single forever. Sometimes,  being single more better than stuck in wrong relationship with wrong person. Am I sound pathetic? I think it’s. I’m tried to create a new random entry on the blog today because of a random-person-who-found-out-about-my-blog-throughctwitter-and-read-my-blog-and-make-me-to-update-the-blog, for sure. 
Oh almost forgot, happy birthday to me,  myself. Last Sunday,  I’m already been a 23 years old woman. 23 totally a great number to be a woman instead of girl because woman sound good for me. Totally good. Full stop. No birthday cake,  no birthday party no nothing just a normal day for me. Only got a few birthday wish on my facebook and twitter from my friends,  thanks you guys.  I love you. Ah yes,  23 and still don’t have any boyfriend but I happy because I have my family and friends who always there for me and stay with me,  good and bad. No worries about boyfriend although Raya’s around the corner and will get some questions like ‘Bila nak kahwin’ and yada yada yada  =_=’ .
I know that not only me being single on my 20+, maybe another girls on 30+ still single and available and still sleeping with her bantal busuk (not me okay :p). Know what,  some women who stuck with a wrong relationship like make love with some men who already have a wife and kids are not so cool. Why you have to being a bitch to get a man in your life? Just stay single in your room and be happy and humble and tried hard to update your blog with a semangkuk Maggi Asam Laksa,  like me uhuk.
So (don’t you ever thinking about to use last but not least words because this is not a karangan bahasa melayu tingkatan tiga, this is a blog entry, so be cool 😎),  hope any of you who are still single (available or not available) please don’t be mad. Being single is not a crime against the world,  single life totally awesome so take it easy. No boyfriend isn’t mean your life is over now,  it’s how you can survive without any men using your own strength and your brain.
For you,  someone who asked me to update my blog,  kinda read this, penat kita taip.  And good luck with your exam.

12 thoughts on “Single Woman

  1. Happy belated birthday Erni! Semoga panjang umur, murah rezeki dan dipermudahkan segalanya 😘

    Agree with you Erni. Being single doesn't mean your life is over. Sementara single ni, buatlah apa nak buat. Pergi travel semua luangkan masa dengan kawan2 dan keluarga. Bila dah berpasangan, dah kena bahagikan masa =)

  2. Oh my, Nadia baru je follow blog Mija. Jadinya, baru tahu Mija pun June babies. Yeay!!! kita sama lah.

    Nway, Happy belated birthday dear. =)

    And agree with you, being single is not like your life will end. Insyallah pasti jodoh terbaik akan sampai.

    Pernah dgr ayat , " sebelum jodoh yg teraik buat kita sampai, kita kan berjumpa dengan ramai jodoh yang salah." …sebelum Nadia kahwin ada kawan bagitahu Nadia mcm tue . =)

    nway, Mija baca ek buku Pink Feminist tue? Semalam nadia baru je download ebook nya

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