St Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub



Where to get it : Guardian / Watson 
Price : RM 19.90
Weight : 170 g
Exfoliating, the technique of remove dead skin cells to avoid our skin from blemishes, dry, whiteheads and blackheads. One of the famous exfoliate products in Malaysia is St Ives.
A lot of people gives a good reviews about St Ives, saying that they’re satisfied with St Ives products on them and continue using it.

12 thoughts on “St Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub”

  1. cik EPAL says:

    Scrub ni memang best! Bau pon sedap 馃槃

  2. Tu la kan, kulit pun lembut je rasa 馃槉

  3. Flavnesz says:

    I'm using it too and yes, they're the best so far.. xD

  4. Tu laa memang best pakai scrub ni 馃槅

  5. Siqah tak de skrub muka sebab Siqah pakai Olay so takde skrub. Boleh cuba lah produk ni. Harap sesuai dengan muka Siqah 馃檪

  6. Fatina says:

    Belum pernah try St.Ives ni. Nak try lah nanti. Baca review awak terus nak cuba product ni. Thank you for the review 馃檪

  7. Dah lama nak try st ives apricot scrub ni. Tapi sekarang tengah pakai coffee scrub. Hehehe 馃槄

  8. Siqah patut try sbb skrub muka tu penting..

  9. Hehe..try la lepastu bt review.

  10. Best ke pakai coffee scrub?

  11. I used St Ives scrub for two years and it's one of my favorite. I love the apricot smells. So good.. hahaha but now I'm using Hada Labo and sometimes OXY but I might go back to St Ives tho hahaha

  12. Yeah the apricot smell so great. Pls make a review about Hada Labo. 馃槆

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